I Don't Love America

I don't love the country that slaughtered two million civilians in a war of aggression against Vietnam, and four decades later still refuses to face up to the largest mass murder since the Nazis.

I don't love the country that invaded an innocent country in the Middle East, killing another half million civilians and creating murderous chaos, based on lies and racial hatred.

I don't love the country that has made a handful of rich sociopaths more powerful than all of the rest of us.

I don't love the country that will let millions go without health care in order to increase the income of a for-profit medical system.

I don't love the country where, apparently any white police officer can kill any black guy without consequences (and in more and more Republican States, any white guy at all.)

I don't love the country that tortures.

I don't love the country that is deliberately letting the entire world descend into ecological disaster in order to enhance the profits of a few energy companies.

I don't love the country where five corrupt Supreme Court justices are destroying democracy in order to hand the running of the government over to a few hundred rich criminals.

I don't love the country where one of the political parties spends half its time agitating for more vicious, totally unjustified wars, and the other half of its time pandering to the most ignorant, hate-filled people they can find.

I don't love the country that has, over the last century, intervened militarily and through subversion, in dozens of supposedly sovereign states around the world, with the result inevitably being catastrophe.

I don't love the country that enables 90% of its press to be owned by six huge corporations.

You know, I could go on all day here.  When people persist in this sort of "love" in their personal lives, they are called codependents or, perhaps more to the point, victims or suckers.  Luckily, most of the bad boyfriends or girlfriends we know don't have the power to kill millions, or even the whole human race.  But the country that we are angrily instructed to love does have that power.  And as long as it uses it the way the United States does, I just don't see what is there to love.


Anonymous said…
I'm proud to be your wife.
Anonymous said…
I dont love a country that pretends to advocate for the poor while creating more poverty
Or says they are giving more people access to healthcare when in fact costs have increased so mUch that people aren't going to the dr or skipping their meds due to the increased costs and copays
I don't love a country who has a 95% media pushing an agenda for a corrupt government.
Funny how so many people for many years want to come tk a contry tgey hate so much
Anonymous said…
Magpie said…

Recently I’ve been watching the film Easy Rider’. The film “about a man who went looking for America and couldn’t find it anywhere”.
Someone in the film says something like “this used to be a great country – what the heck happened?”

That film was made 47 years ago.

As much time separates now from then as from then to Woodrow Wilson, but the angsts - to me - do not seem very different to what is experienced today. You’re closer to it than I am, and a little older, maybe you’d disagree.

But there’s always, in every era, a constant theme of “it didn’t used to be like this” and sometimes I’m moved to ask “well .... when?”. When was this golden age? Was it golden just for someone like you?

America is a political and social landscape of living myths. And then there is the American dream, and the dream of what America could be. The myths are dangerous - but the dream is good.
Some people cling to the mythical and spurn the dream. They are called conservatives.
Some people recognise the myths for what they are and pursue the dream. They are called progressives.
The dream can be made real but the myths will never be real. Just destructive.
Screech said…
Well said Green Eagle, well said.

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