The Lie of the Century

And we're only 15 years in.  This is the story that the Republican party is going to be telling in the next few years, and as you might expect, the Republican king of fantasy, Senator Ted Cruz, is out front telling it:

"Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) suggested on Sunday that Democrats will lose the 2016 presidential race because they are the party of the “top 1 percent,” and that Republicans are the party of “hard working” people."

For those of us who are even minimally in touch with reality, this is so preposterous that it's hard to think that even Ted Cruz could say it with a straight face.  But remember, the point of this claim is not really to convince people, it is just to make the voters in the middle see this as a "he said-she said" debate, in which no one can be clearly identified as telling the truth.  It's a strategy they have refined to a fine art, most recently practiced by the "new" Mitt Romney, who had decided to run on the claim that he was the champion of the middle class, before even Republicans saw how impossible it would be to convince anyone but the most brain-dead wingnuts of that.  Still, you can be sure that the next Republican campaign is going to be run across the board on two principles, which they have been testing for some time: restricting access to candidates so that no information about them is available except for canned propaganda, and claiming, after a century of serving no one but the rich, to be the real party of the middle class.

The cynicism of this approach leaves us breathless, but there it is.  The Republicans are already advancing this approach by squelching the likes of Sarah Palin, and taking meaningless sorts of superficially reasonable positions on issues like global warming and medical care in order to muddy the waters about who the good guys are and who the bad guys are.  And given the inevitable refusal of the corporate press to discuss this dishonesty in any way, it's likely that this strategy of total denial of reality will have a good chance of succeeding, if not on the Presidential level, at least in their efforts to con the American people into letting them keep control of Congress and Statehouses across the land.


Grung_e_Gene said…
It's brilliant. They've so primed the pump of their bigoted right-wing dupes that when Obama says vaccinate your kids against Measles Republican 2016 Presidential Candidates have to declare vaccinations a Kenyan Marxist Plot.

Now, Republicans who are WHOLLY OWNED AND OPERATED by the Rich can tell their dopes it's all Obama's fault and expect dutiful obediance.

Plus once elected they can continue to fuck over the working class while the 99% happily vote them the power to do so.
Green Eagle said…
That's the plan, I'm afraid.
gruaud said…
Cassandra has nothing on progressives in this country.
ez said…
If by Cassandra you mean the power of prophecy with the curse of never being believed I would agree.
Green Eagle said…
Cassandra has been my personal mythological avatar for a long time. We tell the obvious truth over and over again, only to be shouted down by the noise from the right. A lot of times, I don't know why I really bother.
joseph said…
I have, which, one of these days, I will start posting on.
gruaud said…
GE, don't stop bothering. I've been shining a light for over 40 years.

Some see, most don't.

We fight all our lives, and we go down to ignominious defeat, and then others take up the mantle.

It is the way of things.

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