When Will I Admit I Was Wrong?

So the Republicans are shrieking in fury at anyone who suspected that Donald Trump might have been involved in the recent shooting down of a passenger plane leaving Tehran (as opposed, of course, to the one that took place in 1988, which we know was carried out by the United States,) to which I reply as follows:

When the Republicans admit that the Benghazi scandal was a lie

When the Republicans admit that the Hillary e-mail scandal was a lie

When the Republicans admit that Obama, Hillary and the rest of the Democrats are not Satanic pedophiles who kill children for fun

When they admit that the "Uranium one scandal" was another lying smear

When the Republicans admit that they knew all along that Obama is not from Kenya

When they admit that Michelle is not an ex-football player who had a sex change operation

When they admit that they knew that the Swift Boat story about John Kerry was a vicious, lying smear.

When they admit that wanting to help poor people is not Communism, but rather human decency

When they admit that the list of over a hundred people that the Clintons had killed was another Republican lie, as is the list of people that Obama allegedly did.

When they admit that supply side economics was nothing but a lie designed to steal the country's wealth on behalf of rich sociopaths

When the Republicans admit that the Democrats are the ones who always reduce the deficit, and the Republicans always drive it up

When they admit that the mainstream press in this country is not liberal, but operates solely to advance the interests of its rich owners.

When they admit that Obama, Hillary, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and dozens of other Democratic leaders are neither Communists nor tools of Satan

And above all when they admit that they knew all along that Donald Trump was a criminal con man, and he and Mitch McConnell are anti-American tools of the Russians, and they just didn't care,

Then I will consider admitting that I was wrong to suspect  that this violent act which served to harm the two countries which Donald Trump hates more than any other, was not precipitated with his involvement.


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