What Happened To Our War?

Just Green Eagle's probably stupid opinion, but I think the military guys realized that Trump had failed to gain any support both among our allies, and with the American people.  I am sure that Trump himself, living in his usual fog of megalomaniac delusion is still expecting his popularity rating to go up to 90% like it did for that idiot George W. Bush, but the truth is that nobody here or abroad, except for his usual brain dead supporters, believes a thing he says.  They will just ignore him about most of it, but not when it comes to war.  So the generals took it into their own hands to essentially cut a deal which allowed Iran to make a largely symbolic response to Trump's war crimes, and move on.

And thus, with a little bit of luck, Trump's main strategy to avoid any penalty for his criminality and win the next election, namely starting a war, has dissolved in the mist.  Too bad, Donny.


Poll P. said…
Magpie said…
The Iranians have an unpleasant regime but they are not fools... It has a considerable degree of influence regionally and no appetite to give that up in a military conflict where the outcomes are unpredictable only in as much how bad they would be for that regime.

So they signal their intentions, fire a whole lot of missiles that purposely miss, and thus can claim to their own people that revenge was realised while signaling that
A/ they don't want this to get out of hand, and
B/ they have the skill to miss deliberately - and therefore the skill to not miss if they so wish. Remember they struck certain oil facilities quite competently.

There is also the possibility that the general in question might have been an uncomfortable proposition to some in the regime anyway, but that's just speculation.

Onwards... they look ahead to the same thing the rest of us hope to see: a time when Trump and his gaggle of idiots are gone.

We don't want them getting nuclear weapons... on that point I have no disagreement... it's just a question how we get to that stability, and I don't think killing whatshisname advances anything on that front.
Infidel753 said…
Avoidance of war required that the Iranian regime outsmart Trump. Fortunately, that is not difficult. They obviously realized that he was just pulling a campaign stunt and that a really bloody response would have given him exactly what he wanted.

Still, throwing a firecracker into the Middle Eastern tinderbox and having it just fizzle out is not the kind of luck that tends to hold indefinitely. The next party Trump tries to provoke may well be stupider and/or more hot-headed. We still have a little more than a year of this stuff to get through before his term ends.
Green Eagle said…
I agree with both of you.
Unknown said…
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