Well, I Guess That Settles That

I learn from an article at the Washington Post today, the following useful information:

"Trump’s impeachment team argues that anything he does to win reelection isn’t impeachable...Over the course of two responses to those questions, Trump’s legal team made a remarkable claim. First, that if an action includes any element of public interest, it can’t be impeachable under the terms set by the House. And, second, if Trump thinks that his own reelection is in the public interest — which he certainly does — that’s a valid claim."

Well, that certainly sets things straight.  So, if Trump thinks it's a good idea for him to remain in office, what with being the greatest genius in history and knowing more about everything than anybody, he can just murder his Democratic opponents one after the other, as they move to the front in the polls, and that would be way outside of what the founding fathers were thinking about when they added the clause about impeachment to the Constitution. 

I'll just add that when some of us crazy left wing hippies have made references to Hitler and Stalin, this is the sort of thing we were referring to.  I think it' best that we put a stop to this right now, before he gives it a try, because if you think something like this is beneath him, you are an idiot.


Flying Junior said…
I had to cock my head when I heard this one too. Trump re-election is in the public interest, therefore it is in our national interest. I have heard a great deal of cognitive dissonance dressed up as legal argument in the past couple of days from the republicans but this argument stands alone. Then the senator dredged up as an example the account of President Lincoln moving troops off of the front lines of battlefields so that they could go back to Richmond to vote for him. How's that for precedent?

Crazy times.
Infidel753 said…
Yes, by that "logic" he could do absolutely anything -- shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue, nuke Los Angeles, anything -- so long as he could think of some claim, however flimsy, that it served some version of the public interest.

They're hardly even making an effort at a charade any more. They're just going through a faint echo of the motions required by the constitution, because doing any more would risk upsetting the Trumpanzees in their home states.
bluzdude said…
It doesn't matter what their defense is because the decision is already in the bag. They just had to kill the time.
Green Eagle said…
You are, of course, all right. This is the kind of argument the worst dictators make, and now we have it in the U. S. of A. where we can all enjoy it.
Unknown said…
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