Green Eagle Goes Full Conspiracy Nut Again

So, the U.S. and Iran are on the brink of war, and an airliner is shot down leaving Tehran.  Not just any airliner, mind you, but a Ukranian one.  What virtually nonexistent percentage of world airline flights are on Ukranian airplanes leaving Tehran, I wonder.

Well, here is what I think.  I have seen not a single thing, ever, in the news, about Iran and Ukraine being on the outs in any way.  I do know, however, that the government of Ukraine's refusal to collaborate in Donald Trump's criminal scheme to fabricate charges against his number one Democratic opponent has recently reduced him to apoplectic rage. 

Say, what about killing two birds with one stone?  Punish Ukraine for standing up to his extortion, and at the same time make Iran look like terrorist maniacs to the world.  A brilliant twofer, and one that would obviously appeal to a thug like Trump. And all at the cost of a mere couple hundred innocent lives.

Well, if motive is an element in any crime. here's a good one.  Call me crazy, but it makes more sense to me than any other explanation I have heard.


Magpie said…
That presupposes that downing an airliner is an effective punishment against a particular government, but there is no reason to think this. It does not reduce that government's hold on power, which ultimately is the only currency a government has.
Less than a dozen of the passengers were Ukrainian. More than that many were from Western European nations. The majority were Iranian.
The outlier on the list is the high number of people who are citizens of both Iran and Canada, but I cannot think of any angle there.
The only likely damage to a nation (beyond the terrible cost in innocent people killed) is to Iran itself. Iran would earn money from transit permits to use its airspace plus fees charged at its airports. But these income streams would be imperilled by the crisis anyway and probably not that great in the overall context of Iran's economy.
Grung_e_Gene said…
My best guess, is after launching their rocketry into Iraq the Anti-Air was on high alert. Somehow the transponder from the downed civilian craft was missed and / or not working, communication from air traffic to antiaircraft batteries was broken/too slow, and the missile operator panicked thinking the large blip on his screen was an incoming American bomber.
Green Eagle said…
Well, that's my story and I am sticking to it. Only Trump has a motive to humiliate Ukraine and Iran in one stroke.
Poll P. said…
Plus, G.E.'s theory is funnier.
Unknown said…
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