Days in Advance

This news from Daily Kos this morning:

"Soleimani assassination was planned for days, but Congress was not briefed before or after...The operation to strike and kill Soleimani was planned days in advance."

And coverage in a similar tone from the normally perceptive Talking Points Memo:

"We now have apparent confirmation that the U.S. mounted a retaliatory raid on a convoy in Iraq (unclear whether it’s a drone attack or missiles) that killed a leader of the Iraqi militia that menaced the U.S. Embassy and critically also killed Qasem Soleimani, commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps."  

The Daily Kos article centers around Trump's having failed to notify Congress, as required, before taking this action, another potentially impeachable offense, but even at Kos they seem to have missed the main takeaway from the story:  If the assassination was planned days in advance, it could not have been a response to the demonstrations at the U.S. embassy in Baghdad, as the Trump administration is claiming. And the response could not, as TPM suggests, be a retaliation for something that happened after the assassination was planned.

Trump is purveying a total lie about that embassy takeover, and his latest war crime, exactly like the phony ones that Republicans accused Obama and Hillary of at Benghazi.  The lies Republicans told about Benghazi were allowed to metastasize into a major campaign issue in 2016; do you think for a moment that the press will treat this real malfeasance with anything like the outrage they expended over the Republican lies?


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