Best to not just forget about what is happening there.  From the Washington Post, the following:
Our nation's gift to the people of Venezuela
"The least noticed but most striking failure of maximum pressure has come in Venezuela, a country just three hours by air from Miami that for decades was deeply dependent on the United States for oil revenue. Trump cut off that income stream, confident it would cause the collapse of a socialist dictatorship already in economic and political free fall.

Instead, a year later, the regime of Nicolás Maduro appears to have stabilized. The lights are back on in Caracas, once-empty stores are full of goods, and the U.S.-backed opposition has been ousted — at least physically — from the National Assembly. Trump’s demand — that Maduro leave office and make way for fresh elections — won’t be realized anytime soon."

"Trump cut off that income stream..."  Let us be clear about this: the United States sabotaged the economy of Venezuela, and then blamed the ensuing suffering on the Venezuelan government, and on "socialism" in general.

And this is not the first time this has happened.  The United States engaged in the same economic sabotage when Hugo Chavez was the head of the Venezuelan government, with the same disastrous consequences for the Venezuelan people, and then blamed it all on the Venezuelan people and their government.

Why Venezuela?  Venezuela is a massive producer of oil, and its governments have had the nerve to insist that the profits from their oil benefit their own people, and not just the sociopathic billionaires who control the world's oil business.  That can just not be allowed, any more that the nation of Iran can be allowed to benefit from its oil resources, so an excuse was found to attempt to destroy their economy too.

Best not to be so distracted by the Trump sideshow that we forget what is really going on in the world.

I am making an addition to this post:  Yes, I am suggesting that Trump's hostility to Iran and his rush to damage their economy through unjustified sanctions, has nothing to do with nuclear weapons, but is one more effort by the United States to see to it that nobody but the owners of oil companies benefits from oil profits.  I suspect that this is all this was ever about, and the rest was nothing but a smokescreen.


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