Saturday, October 24, 2015

Why We Can't Have Nice Things

Here's a graphic of some poll results about why people in Iowa like Ben Carson, from MSNBC, via Crooks and Liars.  If you are still not quite sure how utterly deranged the Republican base is, this should pretty well answer the question:

1.  He is ignorant
2.  He is a racist religious fanatic
3.  He is willing to tell any monstrous lie that pops into his head
4.  He is willing to prostitute his own race, and deny healthcare to tens of millions of people, to help large corporations make profits.

That is certainly a list of recommendations, isn't it?  This is how far the Republicans have gone in recent decades to breed a hate-filled, irrational, greedy, ignorant base.  With one of our two parties depending on people like this, we are sunk.  And yet there seems to be no way to break through the impervious barrier of smug, self-satisfied stupidity which allows them to continue to exist.

Well, it's Saturday.  Have a nice day.


Jerry Critter said...

"...which allows them to continue to exist."

Tell them that sex is a liberal activity, and that Obama believes in it and has it.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy go back and listen to the context instead of what MSDNC says

Magpie said...

Anon, I doubt Mr Eagle is interested in doing the flippant bidding of trolls.

If you feel there is some "context" in which it is quite okay to say that providing health care and stopping people from dying from preventable causes is "the worst since slavery" - therefore WORSE THAN say... Jim Crow - you will need to take the time to explain what that context could possibly be.

You will need a lot of time, I reckon.