Saturday, October 31, 2015

Nothing to See Here- Just Move Along

Only two weeks or so after the strongest hurricane ever recorded hit the Pacific coast of Mexico, a tropical cyclone (a.k.a. hurricane) is about to hit the coast of Yemen.  This storm, the strongest ever recorded this far south in the Indian Ocean, and the second strongest overall, is about to dump eight years of rainfall on the coast of Yemen in two days.

And let's not forget Hurricane Joaquin, which turned out to sea, but could have been another Hurricane Sandy striking the East coast, just a few weeks ago, and a couple of "supertyphoons" that have hit Asia.

Nothing to notice here, folks.  These things come and go without reason.  And don't forget that, after Noah's flood, God promised us that he would never do that sort of thing again.

Meanwhile, the nation's richest family is spending millions to stop the spread of solar energy, and we won't even start in on the Koch brothers and their ilk, or the treacherous, lying Exxon Mobil.

Global warming?  Totally false.  It's either an inscrutable con game, or actually a religion, don't you know.  A few more years and we will be having hurricanes in Wisconsin and Siberia, but don't worry.  It won't affect you.  That is, if you are rich enough to hop in your private jet and go somewhere else.

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Jerry Critter said...

When you view the vast majority of people as an expense, (something to be reduce, not encouraged to grow) why care about little things like globe warming. Hell, by the time global warming become a real problem, you will be dead anyway.