Friday, October 16, 2015

No One at the Party

They gave a party in Washington, and nobody came.  The House "Benghazi" committee interviewed Huma Abedin, an assistant to Hillary Clinton who had essentially nothing to do with Benghazi, today.  It was to be a proud moment, giving the Republicans another great chance to pound their lying narrative about Benghazi down the throats of the American people.  But a funny thing happened: practically all of the Republicans, including ringmaster Trey Gowdy, didn't bother to show up!

Well, the Benghazi hearings have turned from a walk in the park for the Republicans to something like the Battle of Passchendaele, where one wrong step sends you sinking eternally into a sea of mud and dead bodies.  Evidence of their perfidy and disloyalty to the nation has become so clear that even our miserable excuse for a mainstream press can't cover it up.  So, instead of waiting breathlessly for the latest "revelations" of the horrible behavior of Hillary, people are now waiting to see what more in the way of outrageous lies the Republicans can produce.  Disaster lurks at every step!  The answer, just don't show up and hope nobody notices the whole thing.  Well, this may work with Huma Abedin, but their interview with Hillary is coming up soon, and if they think they can get people to ignore that, they are very mistaken.  Hillary doesn't seem to be willing to take their behavior any more, so her hearing should provide a good time for all, except the Republicans, who have spent three years pinning their electoral hopes on a massive lie.

Just let me add that you should not take this as a sign that the press has changed its ways, and is planning on being honest this election cycle.  Things just got too clear to deny on this issue, but believe me, by the time that most people tune in to the elections, they will be back collaborating with the Republican party to bring the country one step closer to oblivion.

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