Friday, October 2, 2015

Want to Leave a Message of Condolence

...for the Oregon shooter?  Well, here is his e-mail address:

When you hear right wingers trying to pretend that this guy is a leftist, keep that in mind.


Magpie said...

It’ll happen.

After all, “stuff happens” an awful fucking lot in America, eh Jeb?

Anonymous said...

Stuff happens comment taken out of context as usual.
This shooter had a lot in common with the 15 year old who just executed a policeman in Australia

Anonymous said...

Barry had set some tone in this country . Seems these shootings have escalated since 2008,hmmm
Just like the Sympathizing Australian PM

Magpie said...


In point of fact it wasn’t a policeman but a civilian employee of the police, shot by a radicalised Muslim youth. Terrorism. Being the current understanding.

We haven’t, however, had a US-style mass shooting in 19 years. Not to say that it won’t happen again, it probably will, but that’s an entire generation who have grown up without one.

Maybe the parents of those American kids who never got to grow up would wish for a statistic like that, even as simple numbers are a little bit... well... ‘factual’ for the average gun fetishist to grasp.

And I don’t know what you’re talking about by “Sympathising Australian PM”, but then I suspect you know what you’re talking about either, so it probably doesn’t matter.