I Will Never, Ever Forgive the Republicans and the Press for Bringing This Guy Back From the Dead

So, the idiotic acts of a foreign right wing Jew are enough of an excuse to force us to remember that this guy ever existed?  Screw you, mainstream press.  Screw you, Republicans.  Is there any damage to this country that is beneath you?


joseph said…
Does anybody REALLY care about Lieberman?
Anyway, off topic, I came across this article. http://townhall.com/columnists/kurtschlichter/2015/03/02/lets-destroy-liberal-academia-n1963149 I would like to argue against it, but I really am lost as to what point he is trying to make. Could it really be, "We are all here to serve the machine, and it is our right to be stupid and uninformed and we are better off for it?"
Anonymous said…
Speaking of people
Anonymous said…
"dead people"
Green Eagle said…
Joseph, a reference to that article is up in my current Wingnut Wrapup. I think its point was that, the more ignorant people are, the cheaper it is to buy their votes.

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