Rallies or Clown Shows?

As I mentioned, Conservatives just took two more occasions to utterly, catastrophically fail at bringing out their allegedly massive ranks.  We are at a point now, when I think it might be useful to look at the right wing "marches" on Washington and elsewhere over the last year and a half, just to get a real sense of their miserable performance.  So, here is a list, along with links to my posts about them, where you can find much more photographic evidence; however, before I do, I'd like to provide a picture of a left leaning demonstration this weekend in New York, protesting police misconduct;
This essentially spontaneous event is a real demonstration, reminiscent of those from the Vietnam era, and provides a helpful contrast to the utter nonsense cataloged below:

December 10, 2014:

Sheriffs' "massive gathering" in Washington to protest Obama' immigration action:   Turnout?  20

NumbersUSA Immigration Rally in Washington:  Turnout?  Under 10

Late October, 2014:

Impeach Obama Week 2:  Numerous "rallies" around the country, almost none of which drew more than 10 people.

August, 2014:

Impeach Obama Week 1:  Numerous "rallies" around the country, almost none of which drew more than 10 people, just like Impeach Obama Week 2.

June 21, 2014:

National Organization for Marriage March for Straight Marriage:  Maybe 600, a massive crowd by right wing standards.

May 16, 2014:

Operation American Spring, which Conservatives predicted would bring between 10 and 30 million people to Washington:  120?  150?  maybe.

Mid-March, 2014:

"White Men's Marches" scheduled around the country:  Maximum turnout in any one place- 9.

November 19, 2013:

Larry Klayman's massive (and massively promoted) "Independence Day" march on Washington to drive Obama out of the White House: Attendance under 100.

October 13, 2013

Veterans' "Million Man March" on Washington:  15? 20?  Most of the people in this photo are clearly tourists.

October 11, 2013:

Truckers' drive in to bring Washington to a halt- Thousands of truckers predicted to participate:  Actual attendance, about 30.

September 11, 2013:

March on Washington to express fury over Benghazi:  attendance maybe 100 if they were lucky.

Bikers' Ride In on Washington:  Predicted attendance: 2 million.  Actual attendance: about 600.

September 9, 2013:

Massive march on Washington to demand Obama leave office:  Attendance? apparently zero.

Well, there you go.  And let me add that I didn't leave any successful ones out.  This is it, as far as I know.  I think this list makes it pretty clear how ludicrously the press is acting to treat these people as some sort of real political force in our country.

I want to add here a link to this post about the true historical inspiration of these right wing marches, which may surprise some people.


Weird Dave said…
Funny how Mr. or Ms. Anonymous (oh, please, we know he's a guy) hasn't shown up to try to defend these pathetic turnouts.

Maybe he's busy trying to Photoshop an antiwar or antibrutality rally into a Teaparty rally.
Poll P. said…
Why do you think no one shows up? Too old? Too inert? Stuck on the couch watching O'Reilly & Co???
I think they are AWOL from their own rallies because it's not easy getting your medicare subsidized meds organized and in a baggie so you can take them on time in a teeming crowd of protestors while yelling down with socialism.
Green Eagle said…
And you can't get from Bumwad, Alabama to Washington on one motorized scooter charge.

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