Wingnut Wrapup

A last dose of garbage for 2014.

I'd like to start off today with some of the headlines featured in one day at

"Liam Neeson Cancels Move to Ireland Over Government Water Regulations: ‘They F***ing Better Listen’" 
"Police: Baby Jesus Taken, Replaced With Pig’s Head" 
"Seahawks Star Marshawn Lynch Fined for Crotch Grab After Dramatic Touchdown"

God, what a horrible world we live in.  How will we ever survive?

And while we are on the subject of headlines, here's an important clarification regarding a right wing claim, from Little Green Footballs:

"No, Argentina’s president did not adopt a Jewish child to stop him turning into a werewolf"

Well, glad to get that straight.    Okay, then, onward:

Michelle Malkin, Town Hall:  "All Life Matters: Jahi McMath's Journey"

Michelle, I don't know how to break this to you, but "all life matters" doesn't apply to Jahi McMath, because she is dead.  She's been dead for a year.  Deal with it, already.

Kevin Glass, Town Hall:  "Democrats: The Party of the Rich"

Ha. who are you going to get to believe that one.  Kevin backs up his absurd claim by citing a number of rich people who donate to Democrats.  I guess it is just inconceivable to him that there are people in the world that care about anyone but themselves.

John C. Goodman, Town Hall:  "Is Obamacare Causing Health Care Rationing?"

Well, no it's not.  But what a good lie to spread, now that all your other lies about Obamacare are proving to be so wrong.  By the way, think about this idea for a minute.  Rich people can have all the medical care they want- it's only when poor people get treatment that there suddenly isn't enough to go around.  But at least Republicans can claim that they are not causing health care rationing.  "None" is not a ration.

Diane Kish, Town Hall:  "Santa Comes Early Bearing Gift of $2 Gas"

For Conservatives, it's much easier to believe that Santa did it than to think Obama had anything to do with it.

Joy Overbeck, Town Hall:  "Barack Obama has a strangely inconsistent view of Christianity."

Not quite as inconsistent as those whose view of Christianity doesn't include helping the poor and the sick, etc.  as far as I can see.

Bill Tatro, Town Hall:  "And a very MERRY CHRISTMAS to you SONY...SONY has shown strength of character. They have decided to follow the words of one of the worlds greatest drawers of lines in the sand, Barack Obama. They have decided not to cower and will screen The Interview on Christmas Day after all."

"Strength of character," as usual consisting in choosing making money over the safety of the consumers of their product.  Standard corporate practice, in other words.

Nick Sorrento, Town Hall:  "Hollywood, as we have seen over the years and particularly with recent “leaks” has no shame. They will do what they have to do to protect their increasingly dying product...People want movies. They want stories. That isn’t going to change. But the old way of doing movie business, with large fixed costs and huge personnel overhead (at least for “Hollywood” movies) just doesn’t make sense."

Sage advice from someone who apparently has never had a thing to do with making a movie, and doesn't have a clue why it takes so many people to make a top-level one.  But you see, the whole problem is the "huge personnel overhead': i.e. it's all the workers' fault, so let's fire a bunch of them.  After all, none of them brings anything to the table as a result of their decades of experience.  We could just hire a few minimum wage workers to be D.P.'s and editors and costumers, and no one would notice.  I mean, anyone could make a movie, right?

D. W. Wilbur, Town Hall:  "Liberal Mental Illness...Reading recently that the New York Times has suggested that former President Bush and Vice President Cheney be prosecuted for torture I was overcome with sadness. Sad in knowing that, in America, we still have people suffering from forms of mental illness which give little hope of recovery."

It being a specimen of mental illness to want to prosecute the worst sort of sadistic criminals, but not to have committed the crimes in the first place.

Nicholas Ballasy, PJ Media:  "‘Toxic Cocktail’ Hitting Russia as State Dept. Preparing More Support for Ukraine...Russia prioritizing imperialism over its citizens’ well being, official says, as sanctions and low oil prices sting."

And just think- it was only a few short months ago that all you Conservatives thought Putin was the greatest leader since George Washington.

Chris Queen, PJ Media:  "... a Disney Christmas Is the Best Kind of Holiday"

Because to Conservatives, a manufactured fantasy is always preferable to reality.

Rod Cackley, PJ Meida:  "From Ferguson to Detroit, Police Departments on Edge After NYPD Assassinations"

Believe me, they are not as on edge as every black teenager in the country who has to walk down the street.

Jim Hoft, Media Matters:  "Attkisson: White House Is Hiding Photos of Obama the Night of Benghazi Terrorist Attack"

Benghazi!  Yippee!  Hiding Photos!  This would be the same Sharyl Attkisson who...oh God, the list of right wing lies, including defending the Ferguson police based on phony testimony, she has told is so long that I can't even bear to repeat them.

And, I think the next guy is a little confused:

Alan Caruba, Renew America:  " Does anyone find it ironic that the "Prince of peace" was born in a nation, Israel, that much of the rest of the world wants to destroy?"

Really?  Just maybe Alan is referring to this guy, who really was born in Israel:

Assuming, however, that he is referring to Jesus, I seem to remember that he was born in the Roman Empire about 1900 years before Israel even existed.  But then, what do I know?

Bryan Fischer, Renew America:  "Trusting God with the arc of your child's life"

Yeah, Bryan, trust God.  Just not his representatives here on Earth.  If you know what I mean. At this point, I'd just about as soon trust my kids to Charlie Manson.

Ciff Kincaid, Renew America:  "The Obama-Pope axis of Marxism"

Yup, the Pope is a Marxist.  Here's some of Cliff's evidence:

'The awareness is growing among Catholics that this pope is radically different than Pope John Paul II. Associated Press quotes Efrain Rivas, a 53-year-old maintenance man in Miami who was a political prisoner in Cuba for 16 years as saying, "I'm still Catholic till the day I die. But I am a Catholic without a pope."

And who better to turn to for getting incisive analysis of the world political situation than a 53 year old maintenance man?

John Ransom, Town Hall:  "The truth is that while Sandy Hook and Ferguson gets all the pub, the real tragedy happens everyday where rich, white liberals never go for a photo op, like the East Garfield neighborhood in Chicago."

Because rich, white Conservatives spend so much time hanging out down there with their black homies.  Of course, Conservatives don't give a damn about poor people, so that's okay.  You are just not allowed to show any sympathy for the disadvantaged unless you spend most of your time in a high-crime area.

Kevin Glass, Town Hall:  "The Presidency Can't Stop Obama's "Golf Tradition"

You see, if he worked on Chrismas, he would be a filthy Communist trying to destroy Christianity.  But of course if he takes the day off he is a shiftless you-know-what who has no right to be President.

Paula Boyard, PJ Media:  "You Won’t Believe Why Police in This Small Village Are Pulling People Over"

And you know what?  I don't care either, as long as it's not to murder them.

Wesley J. Smith, National Review Online:  "Can a Man be Both Mother and Father of Child?"

What do you think, dumbass?  And these are the people that are against sex ed.

Michael Walsh, PJ Media:  "With Two Years Left, the Inflection Point of the Obama Presidency"

Yup, this is the point where he turns out to be nothing but a dictator.  Why did he wait for three fourths of his Presidency before starting to do what he intended all along?  Because...who knows?  But for sure it was part of some nefarious plot, we certainly know that.

Bob Unruh, Renew America:  "Sheriff Joe's amnesty war heads to Supreme Court"

Translation:  Sheriff Joe's amnesty war got unceremoniously tossed out of court.

And the greatest delusion I've heard in days, and that includes the one about the Roman Empire having moved to Greenland:

M. Joseph Sheppard, American Thinker:  "American Achiever of 2014: Sarah Palin"

And what did she achieve in 2014?  God only knows, other than enriching herself and continuing to spout her slimy lies.  Well, here's one example from the article- a Facebook post:

"Palin's post has been shared by more than 16,000 Facebook users and "liked" by more than 70,000."

70,000 likes! Amazing.  Let's remember that the following YouTube video now has more than 21,000,000 views.  Sort of puts Palin in perspective:

Dr. Ben Carson, Town Hall:  "The Wisdom of Peace Through Strength...It was extremely encouraging to see the United States and Sony eventually stand up to the cyberbullying of the North Koreans by allowing the movie "The Interview" to be released despite threats of retaliation."

Grow up, already.  It's a fucking movie company deciding when to release a grade B movie, not fighting the Nazis.  For God's sake, get a grip and deal with something real.

Ben Shapiro, Town Hall:  "Return of the 1960s...President Obama and his ilk quest for a return to hopier, changier times -- times like the 1960s."

When the United States was in the middle of the greatest period of economic growth in its history, the Middle class was thriving like never before- oh yeah, and taxes on the "job producers" topped out at 90% without slowing things down a bit.  The only thing people like Ben are interested in is the last one, of course.   Better a Bush depression than a boom, if it means that rich people don't have to pay taxes.

Rachel Marsden, Town Hall:  "Cheap Oil Could Be A Trojan Horse For America..."Subversion introduced from the outside." That's part of Encyclopedia Britannica's definition for a Trojan horse, the hollow structure that allowed Greek soldiers to penetrate the city of Troy and win the Trojan War. What if the drop in oil prices currently making everyone cheer at the pumps is exactly that -- a Trojan horse?"

Because the fall in oil prices is helping fuel a great upswing in the American economy under Obama.  Can't have that in the leadup to the next Presidential election, can we?

Charles Payne, Town Hall:  "The Minimum Wage Farce and Saving Unions"

In this article, Mr. Payne makes the classic Republican point that it is a farce when full time workers can afford to support themselves on what they earn.  I mean, they are still getting more than slaves, and from what I've heard, those slaves had it pretty damn good.

Michael Schaus, Town Hall:  "Remember When Communism Was All the Rage?"

No, not really.

I do remember when racism and right wing hatred were all the rage.  It was yesterday.  And, really, today too.

Well, I hope you can still have a happy New Years Eve, after all I've done to ruin it.  See you next year.


Magpie said…
“What if the drop in oil prices currently making everyone cheer at the pumps is exactly that -- a Trojan horse?"

Marsden’s contention is that China is colluding with the Saudis, who dominate OPEC. China benefits from lower oil prices but Marsden’s idea is that it’s a nefarious way of getting American further into Chinese controlled debt because all this American economic revival is somehow… bad… apparently… and is merely the set up for another economic implosion. Somehow.

I think the Chinese Greek Trojan horse just folded itself inside out figuring out what its meant to be doing.

Some entertaining comments on her article however:

“This is Marxism. The resources, including food, are controlled by a small group of people. History tells us that this is not good. Us old codgers better get ready for euthanasia.”

Better get ready for your medication, old fella

“global socialists DO NOT GIVE A DAMN about American citizens, they are only interested in furthering the insanity of a GLOBAL GOVT“

Lizard people love cheaper oil.

“oil is NOT a fossil fuel”

Of course not, it replenishes constantly, like daisies on my lawn, blessed with endless renewableness by the grace of God.
ez said…
Have an interesting year...amd thanks for making this past one a bit more fun.
Infidel753 said…
We could just hire a few minimum wage workers to be D.P.'s and editors and costumers, and no one would notice. I mean, anyone could make a movie, right?

If this is the right-wing philosophy of film-making, it might help explain the quality of movies like Atlas Shrugged, Left Behind, and the various atheist-bashing misfires they keep coming out with.
Green Eagle said…
Well, I suspect you are right, Infidel. They still really believe that "liberal" Hollywood makes movies to push a political agenda, and they also still delude themselves that there is a huge reservoir of people out there who are dying to see movies with "patriotic" politics. Just shows how little they actually know about the film business (or any other aspect of reality for that matter.)
Anonymous said…
What ez said.

Pete Moulton

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