A Little Lack of Self- Awareness, What?

Here's an article from Town Hall, entitled  "We Don't Hate White People...Y'all The Devil,"  with the following text:

"Here's some basic on-the-ground Ferguson reporting from Truth Revolt's Ami Horowitz that you will NEVER see from the MSM [WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE]:"

And then, a video of (horror of horrors) a BLACK MAN saying that EXACT THING!!!"

Now, for a quick scan of some of the comments on this post:

"As I have said many times. These beasts are no longer human; they are only humanoid and beyond redemption. They have no ability to exercise rational thought."
"I have not worked hard my entire life following the american dream, following the laws, behaving with respect, and trying to be a good addition to society, to have to live with these animals...It appears the majority of blacks do not care about being decent additions to society. It's as if they enjoy behaving like thug animals. Either that , or I am totally wrong and they are born like this."
"Ghetto trash-talking monkeys too stupid to know they're being played like a violin."
"Now I feel obliged to call these buffoons "n!ggers" - I certainly wouldn't want to make liars of them, and I'm already a racist, regardless of what I do or say, anyway. Sigh... I find myself wishing more and more that repatriation had been mandatory after the Civil War."

I don't think any comment is necessary.


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