Tuesday, March 18, 2014

White Men Can't March

So, this is just for the record, but last weekend was the occasion of the mass breakout of "White Men's Marches" around the country, organized under the slogan "Diversity=White Genocide."

As is typical, the maximum turnout in any one place seems to have been nine, in Birmingham, Alabama.

Here's a typical crowd, illustrating both the quantity and nature of the participants, I think:
I love the guy in blue.  Not afraid to show off his whiteness, I guess.

This represents quite a comedown from the old days, when white men's marches used to draw so many more people:
Now, that makes a statement.

Readers of Green Eagle may know that I try to cover these events for the record as much as anything else- they are inevitably gigantic failures, but they never induce the mainstream press to ruminate on how large or small this intransigent population of white haters really is.  No, these people have to be given a loud voice in national affairs, no matter how ugly that voice is.

In any event, I am beginning to strongly suspect that all of these national "marches" are really nothing but one more method for right wingers to extract money from the rubes.  When they inevitably fail miserably, they are just forgotten, and the wingnut con men just move on to their next scheme.  Next up:  The May 16th "American Spring," when ten million or so angry patriots are going to turn up on the White House lawn and throw Obama out, as a demonstration of their love of Constitutional government.  That should be a treat.

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