Sunday, March 2, 2014


I'm sure I will have something to actually say about the situation in the Ukraine soon (since when does Green Eagle not have something to say about everything?) but at this point I just want to make a domestic comment.  The Republicans are already whipping themselves into a fury over the situation, with the dumbass McCain screaming that we are all Ukranians (no we're not, Mr. McCain- Green Eagle for one was born in Ohio) and the usual right wing preparations to blame Obama for every single thing that happens there (unless like, with Syrians WMD's something good comes of it, in which case, of course, they will ignore it.)

This is not an accident.  Republicans realize that they are riding a losing horse with their opposition to Obamacare, and they know that, with the budget deficit left to Obama by Republicans virtually cut in half, that standard Republican whine isn't showing any promise either.  So, they have to fall back on the only remaining Republican fantasy- the claim that, despite the fact that it was Democrats who guided us through both World Wars, and Republicans who engineered the greatest military blunder in our history in Iraq, it is actually  only Republicans that can be trusted to guard our nation's safety by starting another war or two- particularly one on the other side of the world, right next to the enemy, which we have no hope of winning short of blasting Moscow into oblivion with a couple of hydrogen bombs.  Of course, in the process of a war, we could use up all of our military equipment insuring a major Republican goal- that any loose money in the government's hands that could be foolishly used to improve life here will instead go into the hands of military contractors.

Well, get ready for the latest round of Republican war mongering- a staple since 1952.


Grung_e_Gene said...

This is a two-fer for conservatives. They get to keep crushing on Putin because Conservatives love a strong-man dictator. They crave to have a powerful man tell them what to do. Vladimir Putin, just like Dick Cheney, is going to exert his will upon the world and they swoon over him.

While @ the same time they get to trot out Liberals are wimpy effete girlie-men who can't be trusted to run the military.

Paul Avery said...

You may have been born in appeaser Ohio, but McCain was born in a give-no-quarter hump-hump bar in Panama.

Green Eagle said...

I was born in the far north of Ohio, right on Lake Erie. There is sort of a dividing line that passes through Columbus. North of the line, the sort of Union Democrats who give us the likes of Sherrod Brown, South of the line, the KKK.