Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Republican House's Very Good Week

Well, at this point, after over fifty useless votes to repeal Obamacare, the Republicans in the House of Representatives have finally turned their attention to other pressing matters.

Jobs, jobs, jobs, as they have promised so many times to focus on like a laser?  No, this:

Here are two bills passed on a virtual party-line vote last week, and one more that is coming up this week

The ""Ensuring Public Involvement in the Creation of National Monuments Act,"  which takes away from President Obama the right which every President since Teddy Roosevelt has had, to create new national monuments.  A hundred years of very well established precedent was not enough to block this perverse measure, enacted because Obama actually used his power to create a new national monument in California, and of course, a black man has no right to do what white Presidents are allowed to do, particularly in the Liberal nightmare that is California, so his behavior is an outrage requiring punishment.

The "Preventing Government Waste and Protecting Coal Mining Jobs in America" bill, which would make it legal for coal mining companies to dump their toxic waste in streams, rivers and lakes. No, really, that's what this bill does. Really. The jobs it would generate would be in the emergency response industry, I guess.  Stopping "government waste" by letting industry generate more real waste: it makes sense to Republicans, I guess.  Or, at least it does when they see those energy industry purchased campaign ads on their behalf on TV.

And coming this week:  the "Weather Forecasting Improvement Act of 2013."  This act "improves" weather forecasting by essentially forbidding the National Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research from spending any money researching global warming.  Well, here's Green Eagle's forecast:  Keep this up, Republicans, and in a few decades we will all be dead.

It's a long tradition among Republicans to give their piggish, corrupt legislation names which imply the exact opposite of what they actually do.  Well, here are three great examples.  This phenomenon provides proof that they know that their behavior is diametrically opposed to the wishes of the voters, so as usual, they can't even name a bill without lying.  Otherwise, they would be called "The let the Koch Brothers screw us again act," "The pollution is good for you act" and "The Let's Stick it to Obama One More Time act."  Why don't they get it over with and pass "The You Are All Slaves Now, So Shut Up Act."

Luckily none of these things has a chance of making it through the Senate or past Obama, but don't we have a right to expect more than this from Congress?

Next week, back to Benghazi, I guess.


Infidel753 said...

By "government waste", they mean wasting money, by which they means spending it on things like enforcing regulations against dumping actual waste into the environment. Orwell couldn't have done any better.

Green Eagle said...

I am still being harassed by the little piece of excrement who calls himself Anonymous. Eventually he will give up.