Monday, March 17, 2014

Paul Ryan Backpedals For Comments About Lazy ‘Inner City’ Men

Translation courtesy of Green Eagle:

The racist demagogue said exactly what he meant in front of an audience of his fellow white haters.  He is now claiming that he didn't mean what he obviously did, confident in the sure knowledge that our pathetic mainstream press will ignore the obvious and use the incident as an opportunity to tell us once again what a deep thinker, dedicated to the best interests of the country, he is.

Paul Krugman, as usual, will buck this trend, but of course Krugman has forfeited his right to a seat at the pundit table, by committing the crime of being constantly right about things, instead of taking rich people's money to say what he is paid to say.


Magpie said...

I was prepared to give Ryan the benefit of the doubt on this one (highly charitable but bear with me) but I went and read the interview in full...

He specifically references a guy called Bob Putnam as an origin point for the statements that are at issue here.
Putnam’s thesis is explicitly anti-diversity - and he doesn't mean Baseball fans and Football fans. Quite simply he believes that THESE people and THOSE people should not mix because it ‘lowers trust’, which is an extraordinarily circular argument. And patently untrue from where I’m sitting. And I would have thought anti-American, given what a diverse country America is.

He also references "Charles Murray".
There are many Charles Murrays, but I infer he means he of the American Enterprise Institute.
Murray’s ‘profound’ idea is, and I quote “One reason that we still have poverty in the United States is that a lot of poor people are born lazy”

(Ah ha… ‘you’re poor because you are lazy, and you are lazy because you are poor’. So simple. A PhD in Political Science to come up with that?)

Worse he links this to intelligence and then leaves the door open on whether there is a racial basis for intelligence…. And so you do indeed explicitly come back to what Ryan was being “inarticulate” about.

This all took approximately 20 minutes of research from me, using Google. I won’t hold my breath waiting for some (er... 'lazy') talking head - whose paid job it is, not mine - to do the same but I hope that they do.

Green Eagle said...

Fat chance, Magpie. Ryan is the mainstream media's darling and they long ago decided to annoint him as the serious conservative. Which just goes to show that there are no really serious conservatives, just hate-filled crackers and tools of the rich. But the media are going to keep pretending otherwise, because that is what they are paid to do. So until Ryan is caught having sex with a sheep in the House chamber, we're stuck with him.