Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Things That Are Now Legal

In the Republican paradise of Georgia, anyway, the following would be perfectly legal:

A hundred or so Islamic men openly carrying firearms assemble at the Atlanta airport, and stand around directly in front of the security area leading to the planes.

At this point, under a law just enacted by Georgia Republicans, of course with the intent that this privilege only applies to white Christians, these Islamic men would have done not one thing illegal.  The authorities would be barred from interfering with them in any way.

It's likely, of course, that airport security would arrest or kill all of them, and none of them would ever see the outside of a prison (or a pine box) again.  This would be fine under the well-known Constitutional principle that white people can do whatever they damned please which, as Federal law, would obviously supersede any State law on those occasions when it benefits inferior races.

So, thank heaven, we don't have to worry about it after all.  That's a relief, huh?


Magpie said...

“If you "forget" and leave your pistol in your carry-on luggage while going through airport security, state penalties for taking a gun where it's not allowed can now be waived.”

Unless your named is Ali, in which case you’re a terrorist, and golly shucks that darn Obama has failed to protect Americans again.

joseph said...

I believe taking a gun through airport security is a federal, not state, offense.

Green Eagle said...

Joseph, that's why I said they could stand in front of the security area. Still, imagine if every time you got off an airplane in Atlanta, there were a hundred people dressed like Osama Bin Laden brandishing guns just waiting and staring at you. This is the world the Republicans are bringing us.