Thursday, March 20, 2014

Would-Be Presidential Assassin Speaks Out

I want to bring to your attention a most disturbing post at Crooks and Liars regarding the recent activity of Everest Wilhelmson, who we saw a few months ago here at Green Eagle insisting that people had a legal right to assassinate President Obama.  Well, he seems to be doing everything he can to further this goal, including claiming to having raised over $80,000 as a "reward to whoever can carry out the task.

Now, he is threatening to also kill all members of Congress who support Obama.

I seem to remember that this guy actually lives in Germany, so he is sort of free to engage in this sort of vicious talk, but who knows how many lunatic crackers in this country are just eating up what he has to say.  I have said for several years now that this all is not going to end without some really bloody scenes, and this is a step in that direction.  I really recommend that you click on the link above and examine some of his writing- I couldn't give you much of a sample here because a lot of the worst of it is in screen shots of since-blocked facebook posts.


Green Eagle said...

NOTE: I'm having a little trouble getting rid of the cowardly "Anonymous," who keeps posting right wing lies here. He recently became the third person that I have banned over the course of my blog's existence, but this has unleashed a torrent of infantile posts. Rest assured, I will get rid of them as fast as I can. There doesn't seem to be a way on Blogger to block a specific person without a pretty involved process, so I will just have to delete his infantile annoyances manually, as they come up. Oops, I see another one already.

ez said...

How about a box, call it the Litter Box, where you can toss all the stuff from the crazies among us that gets pulled?

ez said...

kind of the archieve of insanity.