Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Greatest President Ever?

Now here is a clearly well intentioned article from one John Ransom, a major contributor to Town Hall, and a prime specimen of conservative punditry.  Yes, here is the title:

"Five Things Obama Could Do to be the Greatest President Ever, but Won’t"

Five things that would make Obama, I guess, even greater than the current Greatest President Ever, Ronald Reagan.  Who would have ever thought that a Conservative would even consider the possibility, let alone that Obama could beat Reagan by doing five simple things.  I am sure that, like Green Eagle, you are enthusiastic about finding out what those five things are, so let's look at them:

1) Negotiate with Republicans on Obamacare—This signature piece of legislation is going down and it's taking Democrats with them.

Obamacare is "going down."  Barack, take the well meaning advice of a wingnut pundit- "negotiate" with Republicans- i.e. do away with the whole thing, throw millions of people back into the ranks of the uninsured and do away with your signature achievment.

2 ) Fold Up Sarbanes-Oxley and Dodd-Frank— The banking industry doesn’t lack for regulation

No, what the banking industry needs is less regulation, so we can have a real depression soon.  That will make Obama as great a President as Herbert Hoover.

3) Approve the Keystone Pipeline— The Keystone pipeline isn’t about Canadian tar sand oil, it’s about opening the U.S. to further development of light, tight oil and gas. 

Make it easier for oil companies to sell our natural resources to other countries.  When Republicans start coming up with helpful suggestions, can that one ever be far behind?

4) Evaluate All Legislation and Executive Action for Job Cost—There’s probably ten million jobs in the Keystone pipeline

Ten million jobs in the Keystone pipeline alone!  Amazing.  Particularly considering that there are only 208,000 people currently employed in the entire oil and gas extraction business in the whole country. So I guess what he means is that things should be evaluated on the basis of which Conservative tells the biggest lie about how many jobs they will generate.

5) Resign--  Obama’s in way over his head in the office of president of the United States. Obama-- and his mom-- seem to be the only ones who are ignorant of the fact

Well, that is certainly a way to guarantee that everyone thinks he is the greatest President ever- it worked for Sarah Palin, the most famous governor Alaska has ever had.

So all Obama has to do to be the greatest President ever is whatever right wing teabaggers want.  You know what?  I'll make you a bet: even if Obama still took all these malicious suggestions, right wingers would still not admit he was a greater President than Reagan.


Jerry Critter said...

I think John Ransom's ideas are closer to "Five Things Obama Could Do to be the Worst President Ever" ..at least the worst ever that never started an illegal international war.

Green Eagle said...

Yeah, it might make him as stupid and incompetent as Bush, but it still wouldn't make him as corrupt as Bush.