Friday, March 28, 2014

God, People Are Sick

Here's the latest news about Jahi McMath, who you may remember from the news a few weeks ago:

"Jahi McMath spends much of her time like any other teenage girl: she sits cross-legged in bed, listens to Rihanna and Beyonce on her iPod, and gets a manicure and pedicure every Friday. 

This according to mom Nailah Winkfield, who yesterday gave her first interviews since Jahi was moved out of Children's Hospital Oakland."

She's just like any other teenage girl, except for one thing, of course:  She's dead.

The people who encourage this sort of thing for their own political and religious reasons, and prevent her family from moving on with their lives, are among the most malicious human beings on this earth.  And the last major outbreak of this sort of thing, the Terry Schiavo disgrace, enlisted people ready to capitalize on her family's tragedy, who reached all the way up to the Republican President at the time, and many Republican members of Congress.

Never a word of apology from a single one of them when Terry Schiavo finally died, after being exploited for years, and an autopsy revealed, just as her doctors had predicted all along, that her brain had liquefied.  And there will be no word of apology when Jahi McMath is finally left to rest in peace, after an expense of millions of dollars to maintain an appearance of life.

It is really hard to imagine how there could be lower specimens of human beings, and yet the lunatic American populace continues to vote them into office.  We're cooked if we don't find a way to damage this sort of person very badly.


Magpie said...

Somewhere, someone - who actually has a chance - could use that bed.

Anonymous said...

Either way it was the parents of both these people who want them to be kept alive. A difficult decision for a parent to make.
Why do we politicize everything instead of humanizing it?

Anonymous said...

We have to tread carefully also before we start discarding life out of convenience. This has happen in the UK where people who were in temporary situations were denied life saving fluids.

Green Eagle said...

Anonymous, we are not discarding life in this case, we are advocating burying a dead body, instead of propping it up and giving it manicures while we play Rihanna records.

This is going to cost the rest of us millions of dollars that could be used for live people, in order to provide the evil promoters of right wing religion a platform for their garbage.