Saturday, June 21, 2014

Another Gigantic Right Wing Washington Flop

Just to keep my reporting about the virtual nonexistence of the right in this country up to date, let me say a few words about this week's "NOM's March for Straight Marriage" in Washington. This time, the march was not the product of fringe lunatics, but of well-financed mainstream lunatics, the National Organization for Marriage, whose followers are (as you well know) are filled with outrage at the way that their campaign against gay marriage has spectacularly collapsed.

Well, here they come to Washington to make their feelings known, heavily financed and promoted:
What do you see here?  600? 800?  Well, better than the 130 that Operation American Spring got, but let's take a second to remember what a real march on Washington looked like:
I repeat what I have said so many times:  In terms of actual, committed followers, the right wing in this country is largely a mirage, crafted at great expense by rich vultures like the Koch Brothers, who stand to gain spectacularly by convincing us that the American people support their piggish priorities.

The publicity granted to these non-events is a cousin to the phenomenon we have seen the last couple of weeks in which every lying, crazy neocon who supported the  Bush Iraq aggression, up to the Himmleresque Dick Cheney himself, is invited on mainstream TV to attempt to gin up another round of disaster.  We may be fighting a mirage in this country, but it is a mirage with so much money that, insubstantial as it is, it still has the power to destroy us.

P.S.   Somehow, I recently got myself on a bunch of right wing e-mail lists.  I just got an e-mail from one of the organizers of the NOM march, bragging about what a great success it was:

"Thousands of pro-Marriage activists showed up on the grounds of the Capitol to demonstrate their support for real marriage.  My staff and a dedicated group of volunteers worked through the crowd for hours raising support for our national effort to impeach U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.  The response from the attendees was overwhelmingly supportive!

Thousands proudly wore our “Impeach Eric Holder” badges.  And nearly 25% of everyone there signed our Impeachment petition."

Well, there you go.  The fantasy lives on.


Jerry Critter said...

It is a shame that the NOM people have such poor marriages that they feel threatened by the marriage of other loving, committed couples. Instead of marching, perhaps they should get counseling.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Most things Right-Wingers do flop, but it only takes one...

Poll P. said...

What a sad demotion for the supreme rulers of pre-soviet Russia, to be only one czar among legions.