Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Aah, Eric Cantor...a guy who has spent the last decade pandering to the ignorant and the hate-filled just as hard as he could, only to find out that he didn't pander hard enough.  It was easy for a guy even more piggish than Eric to come along and knock him off, by connecting with Republican voters, simply by acting even more piggish than Eric. 

And of course, there is this, although no one in the mainstream media will bring it up:  Eric is a Jew- the only Jewish Republican in the House. I guess that just goes to show that Conservatives are absolutely committed to Jews with the same fervor as they are committed to American prisoners of war, or babies once they are born.  Big surprise, that- at least for anyone that was stupid enough to think that Evangelical "Christians" give a damn about anyone but themselves.

So, Eric rode the wingnut tiger, and it bit him in half.  Tough luck, guy.  Oh well, I'm sure those great big lobbying fees will ease your pain.  The only thing that makes me feel bad about this is the sneaking suspicion that we are soon to be graced by the presence of House Majority Leader Paul Ryan.  Now, there's a guy who knows how to kiss up to haters.

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Jerry Critter said...

May Paul Ryan have the same "success" as Eric Cantor. Let's turn him into a lobbyist too.