Monday, June 30, 2014

Krugman, As Usual

Doesn't it seem at times as if there is only one newspaper columnist in the country who is actually allowed to tell the truth?

" can you justify enriching the already wealthy while making life harder for those struggling to get by? The answer is, you need an economic theory claiming that such a policy is the key to prosperity for all. So supply-side economics fills a need backed by lots of money, and the fact that it keeps failing doesn’t matter.

And the Kansas debacle won’t matter either. Oh, it will briefly give states considering similar policies pause. But the effect won’t last long, because faith in tax-cut magic isn’t about evidence; it’s about finding reasons to give powerful interests what they want."

Let me remind you about John Stockman, Ronald Reagan's budget director.  In the second edition of his memoirs, he added a section describing Reagan and his advisors ridiculing anyone who actually believed in supply-side economics.  It was never anything but an excuse to tip the economy in favor of the rich, and if even its creators, Milton Friedman and Arthur Laffer, believed what they were saying, they were fools.

Not as big fools as the American people, however, who have stood by and done nothing while their way of life was ruined.


Poll P. said...

This is altogether a sad day. SCOTUS just hit women below the belt...again.

joseph said...

Let's pass a law that all the money goes to the 1%. After a few days on a water diet maybe most Americans will recognize who the real enemy is.

Green Eagle said...

Water? WATER? I guess you haven't been following the news from Detroit the last few days. Pay for your water with cold hard cash, or eat dirt.

ez said...

Pay for the water and you get to eat mud.

All better.

Green Eagle said...

Until they find a way to charge you for the dirt too. You think you're getting out of this with any money in your wallet? Think again, buster. That money belongs to the Koch brothers. They let you hang on to it for a while, but enough's enough. Turn it over, and I mean now.