Sunday, June 29, 2014


I think that's about where Obama's popularity is now.  A far cry from the low of 13% reached by Obama's persecutor Dick Cheney, or the 22% mark achieved by Cheney's tool, the President who allowed him to do his dirty work, but still, not very good.  He must be doing a really bad job, right?

Meanwhile, in other news, from the New York Times:

"Less than a year ago, President Bashar al-Assad of Syria and his forces were sporadically using chemical weapons on rebels and civilians in the civil war. Today, the stockpile that he grudgingly admitted to under international pressure is gone...the deal brokered by the United States and Russia that eliminated the known arsenal — a 1,300-ton cache of chemical agents — has achieved an important result.

On Monday, Syria delivered the last of its known stocks to the Syrian port of Latakia where they were loaded aboard a Danish ship.

...the outcome has proved the wisdom of President Obama’s decision to threaten, and then back away from, military strikes against Syrian targets...President Obama’s critics excoriated the deal, but they have been proved wrong. The chemical weapons are now out of the hands of a brutal dictator — and all without firing a shot."

Unfortunately, this commendable report is from the New York Times, 80% of whose readers were probably already aware of this.  For the other 99.9% of the American people, a great diplomatic triumph, eliminating a vicious Middle Eastern dictator's actual weapons of mass destruction without spending $3 trillion and killing a couple of hundred thousand civilians, is utterly ignored.

Still, perhaps a better fate on this issue than Obama's freeing of the only captive American soldier, and capturing one of the leaders of an attack on our Consulate in Benghazi, again without firing a shot, where Republicans colluded with the press to turn both of these foreign policy successes into some sort of humiliating public failures for him here in the United States.

Saving the economy from a Republican depression, instituting health care reform that has provided millions with coverage for the first time, defusing foreign crises one after the other without having to kill anyone- none of it is enough, in the face of the endless parade of lies fed to the American people, to make Obama popular.  Success is failure, at least when you are a Democrat, and of course, for Republicans, destroying the economy, conducting an endless campaign of sabotage against the government and precipitating one of the greatest military disaster in world history just prove why they are so much more qualified than Democrats to run things.


Poll P. said...

I think we all need to trumpet this kind of info at every opportunity.

Anonymous said...

The economy is in the tank,we are headed for another bubble and it is not going to be good,the phony money won't hold forever.
As I recall tbe econony was holding it's own until the dems took the house.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Anonymous, of course, recalls incorrectly by purpose or due to rampant ignorance.

The Republican Recession caused by the policies of W(orst POTUS Ever) will take a generation to recover from and unfortunately we still haven't recovered from Rnnie Raygun's dismantling of the American Heartland and Manufacturing Base.

Republican Economic Policies are designed to crush the Working Class and shackle Us into the bonds of Wage Slavery.

Green Eagle said...

Sorry to disagree with you, Gene, but I think Republican economic policies are designed to transfer every scrap of wealth in the country to the richest 0.001%. Crushing the working class and shackling us into the bonds of wage slavery are just extra added advantages.