Tuesday, June 10, 2014

One Post Wingnut Wrapup

Yes, I am devoting this Wingnut Wrapup to one post.  And in fact, basically to one line from a single post- this one from John Ransom at Town Hall.  I'm doing this because I think that, in this one remark, Ransom has pretty much summed up the entire state of Conservatism in the United States today.  So, ready?  Here We go:

"...if, as initial reports indicate, this was the work of white supremacists, I lay it off all on Obama."

Well, there it is.  Obama.  It's his fault, even though they did it themselves.  Everything they've got in nineteen words.  That's their story and they're stickin' to it.

Oh hell, I might as well treat you to a little more:

"it almost doesn’t matter who it was shooting and shouting “revolution”—it could have been liberals from union local 1180-- somewhere down in there the motive drive at work was the worst, most divisive president we have ever had in this country. 

That he’s a black man just makes matters even worse and more concerning."

 It doesn't even make any difference who did it and why!  Can't you understand that?  It might have been union guys, who have never done any such thing, just as easily as it was right wingers, who seem to be doing things like this on a weekly basis these days.

And it's even worse because he is black!  Of course it is!

Oh, there's more- much more.  If you really need to see it for yourself, here it is.  But you do not need to click on it.  You already have everything you need to know about the right in those few sentences.

Do I need to add how useless it is to even make a stab at dealing with these people as though they are decent and well-meaning?  It is hopeless to pretend that they are ever going to be anything different than the irrational, violent, lying scum that they are now, motivated by not one single thing in life except their immediate, infantile desires, and thus making themselves endless prey to the Republican demagogues that are really responsible for these murderous outrages.


Magpie said...

“If you really need to see it for yourself…”
I did need to. Allow me to translate some bits of it. Feel free to correct my interpretation if you want

“while some may say that the shooting is an isolated incident, I think it could be a trend…”
oh my, what a surprise, a gun death in America. Well hey… there might even be another one sometime.

“I don’t know that Obama hates white people, like some have claimed”
But I’ll say it anyway, because it’s nasty and a lie, so I like it.

“But I certainly know this much: the man hates someone, a lot.”
Just not enough to shoot them at a pizza restaurant while they’re having lunch, for no reason.

“It would be hard to find a person who has benefited so much from, the tolerance, good will and decency at the heart of America—as Obama has”
Even though he had no right to be tolerated or treated decently – he’s black after all.

“Revolution, as Americans distinctly and historically view it, is privately considered even by generous, just and sober people, and not just the people on the margins.”
But we like the people at the margins – like the murderers in Las Vegas – because they do our nasty stuff for us. The generous, just and sober people just say tut tut and blame it all on the black guy.

“It’s a kind of Helter Skelter, Obama style”
Obama is like Charles Manson - except he had nothing to do with the murders, isn’t insane, went to Harvard and is President of the United States of America. But only until such time as our ‘revolutions’ kill every cop in America, and then we lynch Obama and every other uppity half-breed who gets in our way.

Magpie said...

Observations quoted via a link at Daily Kos:

(bearing in mind that this case is tangential to the Cliven Bundy moron festival, that patriotic event supported by Sean Hannity of Fox News. The male half of the couple had his picture taken with Richard Mack, the idiot who talked about have the women up shot first for the Goebbels value, if you will recall..)

“After only one day Fox News has already eliminated coverage of the Tea Party Cop Killers in Las Vegas who went on a murderous rampage Sunday. On Monday, Fox's primetime programs (Bill O'Reilly, Megyn Kelly, and Sean Hannity) were silent on the subject except for four sentences on Kelly's show.
On Tuesday morning's edition of Fox & Friends, the curvy couch potatoes failed to mention Jerad Miller and his wife Amanda. Later, on Happening Now, Fox ignored the story entirely. Outnumbered also declined to report on the Millers, despite having guest co-host "doctor" Keith Ablow who has psychoanalyzed every criminal, politician, and other public figure this century (without ever examining, or even meeting, any of them).
Fox has replaced the Sunday massacre with older stories about the Bergdahl prisoner swap, the Veterans Administration, and Hillary Clinton's book release and presidential aspirations.”