Saturday, June 7, 2014

Sovereigns Strike Again

We are confronted with so many violent shooting incidents in this country that, at this point, most people probably miss a lot of them.  Here's one that is bound to be ignored, because the shooter only managed to wound one person before being killed:

"Dennis Marx, Georgia courthouse shooting: Deputy shot outside courthouse...Dennis Marx wore body armor and a gas mask. He brandished an assault rifle, an assortment of grenades, "all kinds of ammunition" and even used his silver Nissan SUV as a weapon of sorts, according to authorities. The 48-year-old man toted his own water supply and flexible handcuffs, presumably to corral hostages once he got inside the north Georgia courthouse.

As Forsyth County Sheriff Duane Piper said, "He came prepared to do this."
 Well, you can sort of see what this guy had to be angry about.

"It was very close to being a major catastrophe," Piper said. "The deputy that was shot ... averted what, I think, would have been a lot more deaths...'He was there to occupy the courthouse'

No mention in this article, of course, but Dennis Marx was a Sovereign Citizen.  This makes over a hundred violent incidents precipitated by this right wing group, but of course you will never hear one particular word in the mainstream press in regard to them: terrorism.  No, the shoe bomber or the Times Square bombers, Muslims who were equally incompetent in their attempts at violence, were savaged in the media for years as terrorists, but this guy, like such Sovereign Citizen adherents as Gabby Gifford shooter Jared Loughner, will be written off as a crazy person, and will never be recognized as a political terrorist.

Because when you are a white right winger, it's all okay.


Grung_e_Gene said...

Who could have predicted a Right-Wing Domestic Terrorist would attack Government employees?

Why the DHS could in 2009!

But, then conservative domestic terrorists got mad at being correctly identified as insurgents and threatened more domestic terrorism!

Now after the Bundy Uprising AG Eric Holder has thankfully put the effort at trying to curb the Right-Wing violence which is a by far greater threat to Americans than Muslim extremism.

Of course, this guy's name is MARX so Tea Party Terrorists will say he's got to be a Leftist!

Jerry Critter said...

I wonder what proportion of Sovereign Citizens vote republican? No I don't. I bet it is close to 100% of the ones that vote.