Wednesday, September 11, 2013

And Another Right Wing Fail

The wingnut marches on Washington have been coming thick and fast these days.  Today, on the first anniversary of BENGHAZEEEEEE!!!! a right wing march was called to assemble by the Capitol.

Here's a photo of the magnificent turnout:

Nothing to say about this, really, except that the press will go on pretending that there is massive American support for pursuing these endless Conservative phony outrages, so they need to receive lots of coverage.


Anonymous said...

that is the million Muslim March wih 21 people showed up for ,speaking of lying and 5 media people showed up to cover it and silence on the thousands of bikers that showed up. You are such a good little quisling

Anonymous said...

you make me laugh,you post this but not the low turn out of the supposed million Muslim march. Why not the reporting on that low turnout? Just shows where your allegiance is.

Grung_e_Gene said...

From my recent post; There is conscious effort from right-wingers to use their unending poutrage, chest-beating, wailing and hair-tearing to leave negative associations in the American Collective Unconscious with the Obama Presidency. For all their insanity, the use of Sympathetic Magic and brainwashing on their conservative dupes and weary liberal opponents is fantastic.

the yellow fringe said...

I was in that very spot on a Sunday afternoon about a month ago, there were more people just wondering about on their own enjoying one of the greatest cities in the world than the right can muster for one of their nation changing events. Don't they get it, no one cares, if it wasn't for right winger baby boomers and their older cousins making up 70% of their ranks they could all have come to the march in three cars. Also, don't plan events near the start of the flue shot season, all those medicare & social security absorbers have to get home and call the doctor, "when are the shots coming in?" "Is it free this year?"

Green Eagle said...

Anonymous, write your own damned post about the Muslims if that is what you want to do. I'm interested in these crackerheads (and that includes you) because their ignorance, venality and love of violence is a threat to us all. The Muslims and their Sharia law are nothing but paranoid delusions carefully cultivated by rich Republicans to keep fools like you quivering under your covers.

Anonymous said...

right and Europe had a Holocaust that eliminated 600 million Jews and replaced them with 20 million government teet sucking Muslims which is why Norway voted out the open border liberals.

Green Eagle said...

600 million Jews.

Grow up, asshole.

Magpie said...


Just in case that was too subtle for you... The figure for the holocaust is 6 million - not 600 million.

Your figure, 600 million, is many times the total number of people of any description – civilian or military - killed during the whole of WW2 - worldwide. About 10 times actually.

Don’t embarrass yourself like this. Please go and learn something.
Just leave the horseshit and the propaganda behind... and go learn something.