Monday, September 9, 2013

Oh, the Humanity

As you know, Green Eagle has specialized over the years at bringing you the latest news about the many massive pathetic marches and demonstrations constantly planned and carried out by the teabaggers and their ilk.

Just a couple of days ago I posted about the latest one, planned by many patriotic groups, most notably the police chief from Pennsylvania who has distinguished himself lately as a world class jackass.

Here's a sample of the publicity for this great patriotic gathering of the American people, furious that our President is black a Communist Muslim foreign-born traitor:

Why, look!  September 9th- that's today!  Is Obama still running our country or have these patriots succeeded in their righteous demands and packed him off to Kenya, where he came from?

How lucky we are to be living in an age when we can almost instantaneously witness such a massive, historic event! Here is a picture of the National Mall taken in the middle of this afternoon, where we will be able to witness the power and the righteous anger of true American patriots:

Wait! Surely something is wrong here!  Where are the promised crowds?  Can it be that no one showed up?  What has happened to the patriotic spirit of the American people?  Even Jim Hoft, the biggest liar about right wing demonstrations in the country, didn't touch this pathetic failure.  Oh well, we will just have to wait for Thursday, when two million motorcycle idiots are promised for a ride through Washington, D.C.  I'm sure that event will be even bigger than this one was.

Now, if I can control my sarcasm long enough to make a real point, let me say that this has happened over and over again.  Even the biggest right wing draws in the country- Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin et. al.- cannot produce anything resembling an impressive turnout.  Though the mainstream press will continue promoting these people, who are in fact nothing but suckers who have swallowed a gigantic load of corporate propaganda, their number is essentially insignificant.  There never really was a tea party, beyond the few hundred idiots bused in to demonstrations with corporate money.  There is no real libertarian movement in the country beyond a pack of pathetic losers who sate their sick, damaged sense of powerlessness by hating the poor and the downtrodden.  There is no mass movement for FREEDOM and LIBERTY, only a pack of greedy racists that don't want to pay taxes and don't want to share the bounty of this country with anyone different than themselves.  Ignorance, greed and racism- that is what these people have to offer, and despite the insistence of the chattering heads on our televisions and in our newspapers, not very many people seem to be taking them up on it.  Otherwise, we might have seen at least a couple hundred people in all the blocks of the Mall shown above.


Magpie said...

They was hidin’ in the grass... like they learned in moron camp - er - militia training.

Ez said...

oh, oh...a 2 Million Motorcycle march on DC coming right up. Who wants to bet it is as succesful as this was?

Green Eagle said...

We're waiting for the fun here at Green Eagle news central.

Anonymous said...

those racists Tea Party people would endorse Ben Carson because after all it's not the color of one's skin but the content of one's character.

Anonymous said...

So I assume you will be standing with the Muslims?

Green Eagle said...

They would endorse Ben Carson because being a right wing jackass they know he will cut their taxes, which is all they really care about. All the rest is just bull.

Anonymous said...

I see by your response why you would support some left wing loon who thinks the money grows on trees.
lol Magpie

Anonymous said...

Just goes to prove that liberal policies are nothing but a losing propostion