Monday, September 30, 2013

Green Eagle is Stunned

Well, here is a right wing smear that has even Green Eagle reeling from the sheer audacity of it.   Wingnut talk show host Erik Rush is pushing the following theory:  The recent killing spree by a psychotic individual at the Washington Navy Yard was actually ordered by Barack Obama as "retaliation" because the Navy was about to arrest Obama.

Let's just leave aside for the moment what it is usually called when a branch of the military "arrests" the legal head of state (that part of it seems just fine with Erik,) and ask why, in Erik Rush's opinion, the Navy was about to arrest Obama.  Well, because Obama, facing a failed vote to let him attack Syria, was so committed to war that he was about to detonate a nuclear bomb in the middle of Washington D.C. and then claim that the Syrians had set it off, all to force Congress to let him go to war.  Yes, he was going to kill millions of Americans and destroy our Capitol in order to win a vote in Congress.  That is just so like everything we know about him.

The sad thing is that this degree of irrationality is only one step beyond what we are hearing from a good number of the leaders of the Republican party today, and at the rate things are going will be accepted by the mainstream press as a reasonable position which needs to be debated.

This is a hopeless situation.  There is not a shred of a chance of working out reasonable solutions to our problems with people like this, who are willing to embrace the most loathsome, ludicrous explanations for things, rather than have to face how utterly misguided they have been all these years.  Welcome to chaos.


Jerry Critter said...

I bet about 20% of the people believe him.

Magpie said...

Maybe this is Erik Rush’s way of trying to prove he was being ‘sarcastic’ when he tweeted - regarding Muslims - “they’re evil. Let’s kill them all”.

Not the ones in Syria?