Friday, September 20, 2013

More Irresponsible Lying from the Mainstream Press

Today's example from Reuters via this execrable article at Yahoo:

"In the short term, the White House's decision to strike a deal with Russia over Syria's chemical weapons bailed President Barack Obama out of a Syria use-of-force vote that he was likely to lose.

But in the medium term,  what has transpired after the  August 21 chemical weapons attack  in Damascus has clearly favored Assad, Russia, Iran.

The most significant change in the White House position is that it now seeks to "transition" Assad out of power only after his chemical weapons are destroyed.

That means Assad is no longer a "dead man walking." And he immediately used his newfound standing to demand that the U.S. stops threatening to strike Syria and ceases arming Syrian rebels or else Syria won't fulfill the deal."

So, let me get this straight.  A couple of weeks ago, Assad denied he even had chemical weapons, and the Soviets backed him up.  Now, he has admitted he has them, and has agreed to destroy them, all of which Obama accomplished without firing a shot.  But it's a tremendous failure on Obama's part because Assad just might, someday, back out of the deal he was forced to accept, and therefore, Obama is responsible for Assad still being in power, which Obama was not trying to change at all.

After the massive, almost incomprehensibly huge military failures of the Bush Administration, which the press applauded at every step, you'd think they would cut Obama a little slack and at least not attack him as a failure for accomplishing his objectives without bloodshed.  But of course, you'd be wrong, because the press in the United States today are not the Republicans' dupes, they are the Republicans' collaborators.

And that is one more reason why the great story of the United States is coming to an end in the lifetimes of many of us alive today.


Grung_e_Gene said...

All the Corporate controlled media news stories on Syria (which they were either lax or loathe to cover before the PResident spoke out) start with 'This is bad news... FOR OBAMA!!!'

This was brilliant and successful diplomacy something the modern America has no clue about .

If we ain't bombing Wolf Blitzer and the rest of the media ain't happy.

Green Eagle said...

Gene, here is something that I discovered fairly recently: Wolf Blitzer started his career working for Pat Robertson at the Christian Broadcasting Network. He has always been a tool of the right, and like black spokesmen such as Alan West, he has used his Jewishness to create a presumption that he is not a right wing partisan stooge. But that is what he is. If you watch him, you will see him always twisting the conversation slightly to the right, and if it gets out of control with too much truth, coming up with his signature line: "Well, we'll just have to leave it there."