Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Curse of Bush

So, we've all been forced to listen to a couple of endless weeks of the meaningless idiocy that is all that comes anymore from the Very Smart People and our miserable excuse for a mainstream press.  And we have also seen that our abused populace is still so traumatized by the nation's adventures in Iraq that they are incapable of judging any foreign policy issue except through the lens of the recent military disaster brought to us by the last administration.

Bush and Cheney, sad to say, still largely rule this country.  Their willful plundering of the economy has left us with virtually no maneuvering room to remedy the financial collapse they caused, and now we see that their unimaginably incompetent management of our foreign policy and our military has left the vast majority of the American people incapable of reacting rationally about any assertion of our role in the world, no matter how minor.

We expect nothing, of course, but blind opposition from Republicans, who can conceive of no way to regain power beyond sabotaging everything the Democrats try to do, in the hope that things will be so bad at election time that their old black magic will work on the American voters one more time.  But with this issue, it is both sides that are compulsively against action- even a left wing treasure like Alan Greyson seems unable in this case to escape from knee-jerk reasoning.

Not that I am arguing in favor of military action against Syria, I am not.  I have yet to hear the Obama administration to articulate anything which seems likely to do more good than harm.    All I am saying at this point is that Bush and Cheney, and Rumsfeld and Colin Powell and Condi are still largely controlling our national reaction to a crisis.  It took 40 years for the trauma of the Vietnam war to subside to any degree, and I suspect that, given the utter, unmitigated disaster that our aggression in Iraq turned out to be, it may be a good deal longer before the American people are capable of rational thought about foreign policy.  Thanks a bunch, George- your unfitness to be President lives on.

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