Saturday, April 3, 2021

Trump's Return to the White House Finalized!

 And no, it wasn't January 20th, or March 4th, and it won't be April 15th or April 30th either.  We now have authoritative news that Trump has picked a far more significant day to be sworn in as President, to show what a patriot he is and how much he loves America:

And this absolutely trustworthy article has so much more to tell about Trump's return:

"At his Mar-a-Lago command center, Trump and his councilors have been working tirelessly to solve and almost unsolvable jigsaw puzzle—digging up the names of all elected or appointed officials who dishonored their oath of office to America and its people...“Trump and his guys have been hunkered down at Mar-a-Lago figuring this mess out. They’re going after more than people like Pelosi, AOC, and Adam Schiff. He’s taking out their staff too, and if their staff has staff, well they might go down too. This is total purge."

Since when has Trump ever worked tirelessly at anything except thieving money and abusing women?  And like true Americans, they are going after everyone who ever voiced a word of opposition to his criminality, and the people that worked for them, and undoubtedly their families too.  

Asked how Trump plans to muster sufficient forces to enact his plan, our source said the following: “Trump has military support. Don’t believe MSM narrative about the military backing Biden. Trump is a patriot. When he gives the order, the military will respond at once, and they will arrest Joe Biden on the spot. It’ll be like Order 66 from Revenge of the Sith, except this time it’ll be the good guys giving the order.”

Six of the 8 Joint Chiefs of Staff support Donald Trump, our source added. The holdouts are Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley and Commandant of the Coast Guard Karl L. Schultz, both of whom Trump will give an opportunity to reconsider their allegiance. If they stick with Biden, then they, too, will receive a one-way ticket to Guantanamo Bay."

Those who do not side with the man who plans to seize the Presidency will be sent to a gulag.  How Presidential.  At least this kind of President:


"President Trump will likely issue a declaration of martial law when the arrests begin, as he doesn’t want innocent, law-abiding, patriotic Americans caught in the crossfire if the Deep State decides to resist the purge. Trump feels he has enough military support to put down the resistance, and believes expunging the Deep State will take 10 days.

“He won’t be declaring martial law to infringe on Constitutional rights, but to protect Americans in those perilous days. Trump loves America. He loves Americans. He doesn’t want harm to come to innocent bystanders. The Deep State’s desperation knows no limits, and if they know they’re going down, they might just try to take innocents with them,” our source said."

To protect Americans, because he loves them.  He doesn't want them to be harmed.  Except, of course, for the half million of them he killed by treating the Coronavirus as nothing but a way to try to stay in office.  That having failed, he will just swear himself in and declare martial law.  How patriotic. 

"After the purge, Trump will rescind martial law and return the U.S. to the people as he is rightfully sworn into office."

After, of course, he has killed or imprisoned anyone who dares to stand up to him in any way.  Whoever is left to kiss his ass can go on living in the country he will create for them.  Probably something like this:

 I can hardly wait.


Mostly.A.Cynic said...

Strange how the right gets all upset about a Pepe Le Pew a Loony Toons Cartoon character but some how can't see the the real life Loony Toons in their own party oh hell! I for got without the Loony Tunes they can't win elections

PatriotEmpire said...

THE BLACK INK Commentor is INSANE. You leftist traitors will be UNDER GITMO as you have NO in the New Revitalized America. There are 80,000,000 Americans who will support this righting of the criminal acts of Sleepy Slow Joe and the Deep State behind him. And you forget the most important element....your God Satan has NO POWER over our real righteous God and the military might of the US ARMED SERVICE. So you have GOD ALMIGHTY, 80,000,000 Patriots and GI VETS plus the entire U.S. Military Leadership plus the US NAVY and US MARINE CORPS to deal with very soon. You will DIE if you resist.