Saturday, April 10, 2021

It Has To Be True...

 I read it on the internet!

We've gotten used to seeing liveblogging of important events, say a hearing for a new Supreme Court justice or a Congressional vote on a major issue.  Of course, nothing on earth is too straightforward that wingnuts can't find a way to abuse it for their own purposes.  

What follows are excerpts from a purported liveblog entitled "Clinton Military Tribunal: Day 1."  Get ready to enter the twilight zone:

"A military tribunal on Thursday morning convened at Guantanamo Bay to decide whether Hillary Rodham Clinton will be exonerated of charges including treason, conspiring with the enemy, destruction of government property, money laundering and conspiracy to commit murder, or if she will ultimately stand before a gallows or a firing squad.

Three U.S. military officers—two males and one female, serving as both judge and jury—listened for two hours as Vice Adm. John G. Hannink of the U.S. Navy’s Judge Advocate General’s Corps listed eighteen specific charges against Clinton and said he would supply compelling and incontrovertible evidence linking her to countless atrocities against the nation and its population.

Vice Admiral John G. Hannink is the head of the Judge Advocate General's office, just in case you wondered.   

The most egregious charges implicated Clinton in murder-for-hire plots against politicians and media entities who were critical of her methods and motives while serving as Secretary of State under Barack Hussein Obama.

Because of course they were.  Everybody knows that Hillary is a deranged serial killer. 

(Vice Adm. Hannink) showed the tribunal a decrypted email sent by Clinton to her advisor and political strategist, Huma Abedin. The email had a brief and ominous allusion to Clinton’s goals: “Arranging a dinner for R.S., will know soon.”

Vice Adm. Hannink asserted the innocuous sounding message was an admission of guilt; R.S.—Rich’s initials reversed, and “arranging a dinner” meant Clinton had hired an assassin to take Rich out.

Because what else could she have meant.  Everybody knows that "arranging a dinner" is State Department code for taking out a hit on someone, and when you are going to send e-mails about killing them, of course you switch their initials around so nobody could ever guess who you were talking about- except, of course, every right winger on earth. 

Vice Adm. Hannink began the inquisition by linking Clinton to the 2016 murder of Seth Rich, a former employee of the Democratic National Committee...

“She’s as arrogant as she is sloppy. When you connect the dots, there is no other explanation—Clinton contracted a paid assassin to end this man. And for what? Because he might have been a whistleblower?” Vice Adm. Hannink argued.

The possibility that she was arranging to have dinner with someone is obviously completely insane- Democrats only eat babies, and then they hoard them and would never let anyone else join in on the feast. 

Can you imagine the head of the Navy's Judge Advocate General service making this sort of an argument in court?

At that point in the tribunal, Clinton, who had remained oddly silent through the proceedings, began trembling uncontrollably as if gripped by seizure. Shackled at the wrists, she fell from her chair and flopped around on the floor like a fish out of water.

Paramedics escorted her to GITMO’s medical ward, and Vice Adm. Hannink declared the tribunal in recess until 10:00 a.m. Monday.

A fish out of water.  And there are people who willingly publish stuff like this, and apparently millions who are willing to believe it. 

I'll just finish with one of the comments on this post, revealing what is obviously the real truth:

"The real Hillary was executed back in December 2018. The Hillary arrested in early March must be a clone committing further crimes."

Joe Manchin, these are the people with whom you claim you can form a bipartisan agreement with.  In the end, are "Democrats" like you any better than them?


Infidel753 said...

Hasn't she already been executed five or ten times, according to various wingnut blogs? Must be a lot of clones out there.

Mostly.A.Cynic said...

If any of this were true the MSM would be all over like stink on.... well you know what I mean. And if the right's wet dream of HRC's execution came true every right wing insurrectionist would be dancing in the streets and if any of these dancing clowns were asked why she was executed their reply would be "we don't care as long as she is executed"

Green Eagle said...

It certainly is some of the worst cosplay fan fiction in world history. It's like reading Ben Shapiro's spy novel- it is such a patent Walter Mitty-ish fantasy that all it does is embarrass the writer and the people who put things like this online.

dervy scram said...

lol at the weak Manchin jab. You should be better than that.

Mimi Zimm said...

Really? I dont believe any of this but MSM would never report on her guilt in ANY WAY. OR THE FACT TRUMP WON & BIDEN WAS INSTALLED. CERTAINLY NOT ELECTED.

Mimi Zimm said...

Really? I dont believe any of this but MSM would never report on her guilt in ANY WAY. OR THE FACT TRUMP WON & BIDEN WAS INSTALLED. CERTAINLY NOT ELECTED.

Mimi Zimm said...

Really? I dont believe any of this but MSM would never report on her guilt in ANY WAY. OR THE FACT TRUMP WON & BIDEN WAS INSTALLED. CERTAINLY NOT ELECTED.

Anonymous said...

Mimi Zimm has been drinking too much of the Q...