Scientific Proof- You Can Fuck Yourself


From the Washington Post today, although I am sure you have heard the story:

"The controversy surrounding embattled Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) took a wild new turn Thursday night, with the Daily Beast reporting that his ally wrote a confession letter implicating both of them in having sex with a 17-year old girl. And perhaps not hugely surprising, Roger Stone is suddenly involved.

The Daily Beast obtained alleged drafts of the confession letter that Joel Greenberg wrote and text messages between him and Stone indicating it was part of a plan to obtain a pardon for Greenberg from President Donald Trump. Greenberg and Stone also reportedly discussed Greenberg paying Stone $250,000, apparently if the pardon effort was successful (which it was not)."

If there is one thing I learned from watching Cops years ago, it is that criminals are really stupid, but can they possibly be this stupid?  This idiot Greenberg wrote a confession, in his own handwriting, just to make it undeniable that it came from him, to abominable sex crimes committed by himself and everybody's favorite Congressman, Matt Gaetz.  He The proceeded to give this handwritten confession to Roger Stone, the world's biggest ratfucker, who promised to get him a pardon from Donald Trump, the world's second biggest ratfucker, in return for $250,000, or perhaps $300,000.

Well, surprise, surprise, Greenberg didn't get the pardon, because there was nothing in it for Trump, and Stone didn't get the cash.  So what could you expect to happen to that letter?  In another development that surprises nobody, the letter suddenly "leaked" to the press.  

Buddy, I hate to break this to you, but that is what happens when someone blackmails you with evidence thoughtfully provided by yourself, and you fail to cough up the dough.  Because this is what happened here, as anyone can see.  So, in addition to Roger Stone's other well-known malicious features, we can now add that of blackmailer.  No crime too low for Republicans, if it might pull in a few hundred thousand easy bucks.


Anonymous said…
Probably 3 decades ago, a friend who had a successful criminal law practice quipped that the main thing keeping society safe from the criminal element is criminals' remarkable lack of what he charitably described as "organizational skills."

Plus ça change....
Anonymous said…
While visiting my cousin, an undercover police officer, I commented that "criminals are stupid". He came back with "and their lawyers are evil". Best evidence is people posting during capitol riot.

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