Tuesday, April 20, 2021

"Liveblog-" of Hillary Clinton's "Guantanamo Treason Trial" Day 5


Yes sir, here is the "liveblog" of the last day of the Guantanamo Bay military treason trial of Hillary Clinton, for a whole host of charges that you have undoubtedly heard all too many times already.

When we left, the first day was just concluding when Hillary dropped to the floor and seemed to experience some sort of epileptic fit, after which she was dragged back to her cell, which she proceded to smear with her own poop.  Certainly sounds like Hillary, huh?

Well, the next few days seem to have been quite boring, so I will cut to the coverage of the last day of the trial.  Here we go:

Clinton Military Tribunal: Day 5 CONVICTION!

What a surprise verdict! 

A military tribunal on Thursday convicted former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on charges of murder, conspiracy to commit murder, accessory to murder, child trafficking, endangering a minor, treason, and sedition.

What, that's all?  What about the e-mails and Benghazi? 

The two male, one female panel of officers cast a unanimous verdict shortly after Vice Adm. John G. Hannink, who prosecuted the military’s case against Clinton, showcased his final witness for the prosecution, Clinton’s former strategist and lover, Huma Abedin.

Lover.  Old lies never die. 

In exchange for leniency and a plea deal, Abedin testified she and Clinton had “shared” underage children with her estranged ex-husband, Anthony Weiner. Pressed to clarify her definition of the word “shared,” Abedin qualified her answer by saying they had “practiced” lewd and lascivious behavior on underprivileged minors Clinton had imported into the United States.

“American children?” Vice Adm. Hannink asked.

“Yes, but not primarily. They’re too easy to track. More often than not from poor countries,” Abedin replied.

The sheer malignancy of these fantasies is really hard to believe, coming from a party that is demanding that Maxine Waters be expelled from Congress for daring to tell people to keep protesting until they get some degree of justice. 

  This is a fantasy with a long history.

Asked to quantify their exploits, Abedin said she couldn’t count the number of underage boys and girls Clinton had brought to the United States under the pretense of providing them with a fruitful life, but she told the tribunal there had been “many,” most of whom were later “sold or donated” to influential members of the Clinton cabal.

“Who are the people?” Vice Adm. Hannink asked.

“We never knew, exactly. It’s not like Hillary peddled them herself. She had someone handle that, and I don’t know the person’s name,” Abedin replied.

“And yet she still refuses to speak,” Vice Adm. Hannink observed.

A courtroom confrontation that clearly really took place.  Can anyone believe this garbage?  Okay, I'll answer my own question- yes they can.  Millions of them who won't believe that Covid is real or that Trump colluded with the Russians despite massive proof of both of those things, would believe this in a second. 

The tribunal arrived at a guilty verdict after deliberating only five minutes. They found Clinton guilty on all charges the military had laid out—the murders of Seth Rich, Vince Foster, and Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia; trafficking and abusing minors from Haiti and other third-world nations; conspiring to assassinate a presidential candidate.

Do you notice something clearly missing from this account of the "trial?"  Apparently, Hillary was not allowed an opportunity to present a defense to the charges.  And the military judges took only five minutes to vote guilty on all charges.  That was fast work. 

As she had throughout the tribunal, Clinton stayed eerily silent as the verdict was read and the officers recommended she receive the death penalty for her crimes.

I'm just surprised that she didn't break out into an evil cackle and fly out the window on a broom. 


Vice Adm. Hannink asked Clinton if she had preference in how the military carried out her sentence, but still she refused to speak.

“This tribunal therefore decides that the defendant, detainee Hillary Rodham Clinton, be hanged by the neck until dead,” Vice Adm. Hannink said flatly. “The sentence will be carried out on April 26, after Taps.”

Huma Abedin will face her own military tribunal, at a date yet to be decided, RRN has learned.

On one level, this is just a reminder of the sheer, blind, unreasoning hatred that is the primary governing principle of the Republican party today.  However, look on the bright side:  it is a sign of how impotent they are at finding a single real issue to attack a Democratic President whose actions are approved by a vast majority of the sane people remaining in this country.  Anybody thinking that a bipartisan governing coalition can be formed with such people is a fool.  They have been all infected with a virus far more deadly that Covid: a complete neutering of any sense of truth, morality and common human decency.  And in my opinion, it is an incurable disease,  from which there is no release except death.  Trying to cure them of this hatred is impossible; all we can do is to work to prevent as few new infections as possible in the future.  

This derangement of a large section of the population of our country is, as I have said before, by far the worst thing the Republican party has ever done, and it laid the foundation for them to get away with all the corruption, criminality and betrayal that is their way of life.

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Mostly.A.Cynic said...

A military tribunal on Thursday convicted former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on charges of murder, conspiracy to commit murder, accessory to murder, child trafficking, endangering a minor, treason, and sedition. So HRC was convicted of being a Republican?.... Just sayin"