Wingnut Wrapup

A little spotty today, because of my vision problems- solved and back to normal next week.  Anyway, here we go:

Jonah Goldberg, Town Hall:   "Obama -- and FDR -- set Precedent for Trump's One-Man Rule"

Trump? It's all Obama's fault.  Because. isn't it always?  Now,. a couple of choice excerpts from this miserable piece of right wing delusion:

"The argument that Obama paved the way for Trump takes many forms. He "lowered the bar" for presidential qualifications, argues Peggy Noonan."

No, that would be a Republican with pretty much exactly the same resume as Obama when elected President- one Abe Lincoln.  That guy turned out to be a failure too, I guess, or we would still be living in a fine slave country, where FREEDOM is everything.

"Trump's Don Rickles act, writes Michael Barone, reflects "the coarseness of Obama's non-stop insults of Republicans and anyone who does not share his views and priorities."

It's hard to even find a way to make fun of this, given the Republicans' seven year history of directing the most coarse, lying abuse against Obama, while he spent most of the time patiently (and uselessly) trying to work with them.  They just have no shame.

"It is no accident that President Obama's America has given rise to Donald Trump," writes Ben Domenech, publisher of The Federalist. "It is an America that is more tribalist, where people feel more racially and religiously divided..."

Which is also totally Obama's fault.  That would be because...well, you know.

"For much of the Obama presidency, conservatives seemed to have intensified their reverence for the rule of law and the Constitution."

Oh God, how can even Jonah Goldberg say that?  And there you go.  Oh yeah, about the FDR part: Republicans still haven't forgiven him for the sins of ending the Great Depression and winning World War II.  Democrats aren't allowed to do anything when they are President; particularly anything that works.  Didn't you know that?

And now, on whit the rest of the "news," as they used to say:

Matt Vespa, Town Hall:  "Keystone: TransCanda Sues Obama Administration, Calls Rejection Of The Pipeline 'Perverse'

It's perverse to favor people's health over corporate profits, particularly given that, with the rise of alternative energy, if the Kochs don't drill the hell out of those tar sands, they are going to be worthless in a few years.  I mean, let's think about whose interests really count.

Guy Benson, Town Hall:  "Benghazi-Themed Attack Ad Hurts Hillary Among Young Voters"

Benghazi!!!!  Lying still works!  At least the Republican party has one bit of news they can be thankful for.

Roger Simon, PJ Media:  "Hillary's Watergate Looms...Karma strikes as Washington insider predicts Hillary indictment over email scandal."

"Washington insider predicts Hillary indictment..."  for about the six thousandth time in the last twenty years.  But this time- KABOOM!  This time it will all be different, yes sir!  Just wait and see!

And, from PJ Media, news of the following wonderful new book:

Victor Davis Hanson- "The Decline and Fall of California: From Decadence to Destruction"

Of course, California is doing better than practically any other State, what with the Democratic balanced budget, strong business growth, etc.  But California is the great liberal Boogieman State, so we need more lying propaganda about how terrible things are there.

Rick Moran, PJ Media:  "Trump Going Birther on Cruz May Backfire...Raising the issue may fuel resentment against Trump among Republicans."

Because of course, Trump's being a haremongering, racist, belligenrent, coarse  ashole would never be enough to do that.  But doing the same thing to a Republican he did to Obama- well, that's just going too far.

Megan Fox, PJ Media:  "Thank God Mister Rogers Is Dead!"

Yeah, that Mr. Rogers.  I'm not sure I really want to know why.  Maybe Meghan just couldn't think of enough Democrats today to be an asshole about.

J. Christian Adams, PJ Media:  "New Black Panthers with Guns, Lots of Them...Obama did nothing about these criminals with guns."

The second amdendment is for white people only.  Surely we all are familiar enough with the Constitution to know that.

Roger Kimball, PJ Media:  " They kind of liked it when Donald Trump said, √† propos John McCain, that he preferred war heroes who did not get captured by the enemy.  They liked it when he called Rosie O’Donnell a “fat pig”: between us, they think she is a fat pig, too. The mot about the dishy Megyn Kelly bleeding from “the eyes or wherever” was kind of gross, but CNN got it exactly wrong when they said that Trump’s comment “draws outrage.”

Well, Roger, it did draw outrage.  Just not among anyone you know.

Tim Dunkin. Renew America:  "Barack Obama is importing war into America"

Of course, right wingers love war- but only the kind that happens over there, where we can kill lots of them, without any risk to us- except for the poor us.  And they aren't really us, now, are they?  So as long as the kill ratio is about 500 to 1, and none of our property is damaged (God forbid,) fire when ready, Gridley.

Cheryl Chumley, Renew America:  "Laura Ingraham, a top conservative radio host, tore into House Speaker Paul Ryan in a recent broadcast, saying the newly minted Republican leader actually fueled President Obama's executive orders on guns by giving the OK to funding for much of the White House's agenda"

"Funding much of the White House's agenda" being, in case you didn't catch it, Republican speak for agreeing to pay the bills for expenses that Congress appropriated, and not letting the entire U.S. economy come to a total collapse, in order to sate the hatred of the right wing base.  Bad decision, Paul.  Now, you have shown yourself to be a Communist traitor, and they won't forget it.

And now for a deep dive into the world of voluntary lunacy:

Ellis Washington, Renew America:  " In my 34+ years of writings on history, law, the Supreme Court, and political philosophy I have only come across three or four people – the biblical Joseph, Daniel, Jesus, and Donald J. Trump – who could move in this earthy plane, covered, protected by a metaphysical aura of defense against some of the world's most venal, reactionary and hypocritical haters."

Is that so?  Ellis, you need to get out more.

Douglas Ernst, World Net Daily:  "Zing! Charlie Daniels has awesome response to Obama's gun grab"

If it doesn't involve Charlie stabbing himself in the brain with a sharp stick, I don't want to hear about it.

Charlie, why not spend your time putting out a decent record, something you haven't bothered with for about thirty five years.  Maybe you could get together with that other right wing has-been, Ted Nugent, and write a real nice ballad about shooting Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Jane Chastain, World Net Daily:  "The recent revelations about Bill Cosby have turned the nation’s decades-long love affair with the actor into one of disgust, even repulsion. This raises the question: How long before the nation’s decades-long love affair with the nation’s 40th president will come to an equally abrupt end?"

Because they are just the same, right?  Here, I am going to break with my long standing precedent of advising right wing loons not to hold their breaths waiting for their predictions to come true.  Jane, I am sure that the American people are going to turn on Clinton (and his wife, of course, the 20-time most respected woman in America) any day now.  So, why don't you just suck up some air and stop breathing until it happens.  Have your next of kin get back to us with the results..

World Net Daily EXCLUSIVE:  "Trump scorches Islamic rape jihad on women"

Of course, if you are as rich as Donald, you can just buy a succession of young hot women, and ditch them when you're ready for a new one.  That's perfectly fair.

Cheryl Chumley, World Net Daily:  "HILLARY TOO 'IMPAIRED' TO RUN...Hillary Clinton’s now-famous debate-stage bathroom break may not have been a simple bathroom break at all – but rather, a medically necessary rest to deal with dizziness and disorientation, due to her previous concussion and blood clot, sources told Breitbart.  On Twitter, John Cardillo wrote: “Strong source just told me something I suspected. Hillary’s debate ‘bathroom break’ wasn’t that, but flare up of problems from brain injury.”

They're getting desperate now.  "Strong sources" who, of course, cannot be named, and who chose to reveal their vital information to an impartial news source like Breitbart.  Well, there you go.  I wonder how she beat the Congressional Republicans down in an eleven hour hearing, without suffering "dizziness and disorientation."  Just had a lucky day, I guess.  The next day, she was probably shreiking about the snakes coming down the walls of her padded cell.  Which would, incidentally, make her just about as mentally disturbed as Ted Cruz, but mentally disturbed is a good thing with wingnuts, who want someone like them in the White House- as long as it's not a woman or a, you know, black person.  Or anyone who still retains a shred of human decency.

Bill Federer, World Net Daily:  "1 CRITICAL DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AMERICA, EUROPE...Bill Federer remembers life, words of Millard Fillmore"

Not the Onion.  Yes, a guy at World Net Daily actually wrote that article.

Jon N. Hall. American Thinker:  "Tax Advice for GOP Presidential Candidates"

Let me guess: less taxes for rich people...yup, that's pretty much it.  Bet you never saw that coming, did you?

Guy Benson, Town Hall:  "Uh Oh: FBI's Hillary Probe Expands Again, Now Investigating Public Corruption, Sources Say"

Sources?  What sources?  Well, of course that can't be revealed.After giving a Byzantine explanation of why this time is any different than the other endless accusations against Hillary, Guy helpfully informs us:

"After lying mostly dormant for weeks amid intensive media focus on the Republican presidential race, Hillary Clinton's scandals have exploded back into the headlines over the past four days."

The headlines at Town Hall, maybe, where this was the number one story.  I didn't see it anywhere else.

Ron Paul, Town Hall:  "Oregon Standoff a Sign of Things to Come?"

Yeah, Ron, if we're talking the future direction of reality TV here.

Matt Barber, Town Hall:  "Every Muslim Will Bow Before Jesus"

But DON'T YOU DARE FORGET that it's the MUSLIMS who are trying to force their religion on everyone else in the world.  Here is a sample of Matt's beliefs:

"The die was cast before time began. Every Christian, Jew, atheist and pagan, to include each and every Muslim on earth – or, like Muhammad, who once walked the earth – will, in the end, bow a knee in worship to Jesus. 

Yet, whether you bow first in this life, or first in the next, you will bow.  And the when and how will mean much.  For it will decide the where and how of your eternity."

There is no difference between this and the worst of Islamic fanaticism.  If you can't see that, you are truly wilfully blind.

Devon Herrick, Town Hall:   "The ‘Unaffordable Care Act’ Causing High Medical Bills for Insured People"

More lies.  Let's just leave it at that.  Here's a little more from Devon:

"Liberal public health advocates and left-of-center health policy wonks have long thought every American needs health insurance...they don't"

No, of course they don't.  Are there no prisons?    And the workhouses - are they still in operation?

Streiff, Red State:  "Is CAIR Actively Collaborating With The Hillary Clinton Campaign?"

If they aren't they are idiots.  What, you think they would rather have the guy who thinks it's great leadership to kill your opponents?  Or the guy who thinks God appointed him to force Christianity on the world?

Brianna Sharbaugh, PJ Media:  "4 Things That Are More Important Than Your Child's Happiness"

Just guessing here- The Koch brothers' net worth?

Rod Cackley, PJ Media:  "Snyder Apologizes, Blames Dirty Water on Michigan Environmental Department Breakdown"

See, it's really all the fault of those liberal environmentalists, not Snyder, who eliminated Flint's government, and replaced with a hand picked bunch of hatchet men who decided that Flint should have a substandard water system.

Ellis Washington, Renew America:  "Hillary Clinton: psychotic eyes, psychotic mind"

Hold on there ,guy!  You've got to save some lies for the general election.

Well, I'll save the rest of their lies for another day.


Zog said…
"How long before the nation’s decades-long love affair with the nation’s 40th president will come to an equally abrupt end?" - Jane Chastain

I'm hoping it's a matter of seconds, considering that Reagan, not Clinton, was number 40.

Now I know why their math never works out. They can't even count up to fifty.
Magpie said…
"I have only come across three or four people – the biblical Joseph, Daniel, Jesus, and Donald J. Trump – who could move in this earthy plane, covered, protected by a metaphysical aura of defense against some of the world's most venal, reactionary and hypocritical haters."

Oh thanks, I just vomited on my keyboard.

Do you think it's possible, GE, that none of Trump's minions has yet shown him that post, and he's not actually getting off on being compared to Jesus by now?
Green Eagle said…
I think he is playing a far more cynical game. Now, Ted Cruz- he would be orgiastically stimulated by such a comparison, particularly if it came from someone else than his father, who has been telling him he is Jesus since he was born. But Trump? The only thing that he would like about the comparison was his own feeling of superiority over the fools that would say things like that.

Of course, who knows?
Anonymous said…
Your mental problems are obviously worse than your vision problems.
Magpie said…

What are you disagreeing with here? It's not clear, and there are but two possibilities:

Either you agree with Ellis Washington that Trump is right up there with Jesus in having a godly aura of divine invincibility..
You are disagreeing with GE when he says Trump probably DOESN'T think he is as metaphysically blessed as Jesus.

See how that goes? What in heck are you actually disagreeing with?
ez said…
Eagle, your peepers may be giving you trouble, however your comments remain clearly focused.

Be well.
Green Eagle said…
Thanks, ez. I'm on the road to recovery, and can resume complaining in public once again. Too bad, Anonymous.
Eric said…
"The die was cast before time began. Every Christian, Jew, atheist and pagan, to include each and every Muslim on earth – or, like Muhammad, who once walked the earth – will, in the end, bow a knee in worship to Jesus."

I guess nobody ever told this guy that knees don't bow, they bend.
Green Eagle said…
The knees of true Christians bow. That's how you tell the difference between the faithful and the rest of us. That, and the phenomenal mass of ignorant stupidity they are constantly spewing.

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