They're Just Saying It Out Loud Now

They don't even care who knows what they are up to.  Here is a quote from an actual legal brief filed by the State of Texas, purportedly defending itself against a Supreme Court decision ruling against its electoral gerrymandering:

"DOJ’s accusations of racial discrimination are baseless. In 2011, both houses of the Texas Legislature were controlled by large Republican majorities, and their redistricting decisions were designed to increase the Republican Party’s electoral prospects at the expense of the Democrats....The redistricting decisions of which DOJ complains were motivated by partisan rather than racial considerations, and the plaintiffs and DOJ have zero evidence to prove the contrary. It is perfectly constitutional for a Republican-controlled legislature to make partisan districting decisions, even if there are incidental effects on minority voters who support Democratic candidates."

The Republicans in the State of Texas are openly claiming that it is perfectly acceptable for them to rig the electoral system in their favor.  Of course, Republicans everywhere have been doing this for years, but even they have not had the brass to claim that it is okay.  Well, those days are over.  If they can steal the government, tough shit for you, America.

I've got nothing more to say about this.  Any sentient being can see where we are in this country, and what lies ahead.


Adam Alabaster, A-1 American said…
The Democrats did it first.

In The Republican Party of North Carolina v. Martin, the federal courts struck down the Democrats' changes in the North Carolina judicial election system, which they made in 1987. They decided that the Democrats made the changes in order to keep the Republicans from being elected.

Turnabout is fair play, isn't it?

(Isn't Texas the state where Democrats helped Lyndon Johnson win an election by creating 200 new ballots, all in alphabetical order and all in the same handwriting? That's the reason he's Landslide Lyndon.)
Jerry Critter said…
".The redistricting decisions of which DOJ complains were motivated by partisan rather than racial considerations,"

They are one and the same.
Green Eagle said…
Adam, those Southern Democrats of which you speak are now all Republicans. They deserted when the Democratic party decided to make even a faint move toward equality. So, if you will, it is the utter contempt of right wing racists in this country for common human decency that is destroying us. The Democrats don't want these miserable people (that would undoubtedly include you) but the Republicans do. So, glory in your smarmy distortions of history until you have either wrecked this country- you have come a long way toward that goal- or until the rest of us wake up and treat you the way you deserve.

Jerry, right as usual.
Anonymous said…
Adam has it right. It's funny how you object to a strategy used by your Democrats just because the Republicans used it better. You would rather imply that this is Republicans only, but that's typical Democratic dishonestly.
Adam Alabaster, A-1 American said…
Let me add -

Chicago. How many dead people voted there during the Daley heyday? Still a Democratic stronghold.

New York City. Remember Tammany Hall? Still a Democratic stronghold.

The Democrats were rigging elections long before the Republicans existed. Remember Elbridge Gerry in Massachusetts? Still a Democratic stronghold.
Anonymous said…
But hey, Green Eagle is the ONLY one telling the truth. Laughable. Your delusion is as complete as Trumps.
Green Eagle said…
These sorts of tactics, and the hateful attitudes that accompanied them, were abandoned by the Democratic party decades ago, but are still the way Republicans work all over this country.

Tammany Hall's influence died in the 1930's. Mayor Daley died in 1976. Elbridge Gerry died in 1814- 202 years ago. This is what you come up with, because you know perfectly well that the Democrats are a political party today, but the Republicans are a corrupt racketeering organization.

That's the truth; deal with it.

Anonymous said…
NO idiot, the truth is that's human nature and human behavior is cyclical. Being an idiot with no education in history, you wouldn't know that. Now back to your perfect Democratic society. Laughable.
How many are dead because Clinton voted for a war in Iraq? I guess that's to old for you Democrats to be held accountable for, except she's running for president. What a partisan hack you are. Just as bad and in as much delusion as a Trump supporter.
Green Eagle said…
Anonymous, your willing stupidity is really disgusting. Just to make it clear, saying human behavior is cyclical is just a wingnut dodge to prevent yourself from facing the fact that the hateful Democratic voters of seventy years ago were welcomed with open arms into the Republican party, and that its viability in elections anywhere in this country depends on pandering to their hatred and greed.
Anonymous said…
What's disgusting is someone as stupid as you are about facts, politics, and process calling others idiots just because they proved you wrong. Back to your delusional bubble.

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