Running Our Foreign Policy

When Democrats are in charge:

The supposedly biggest threat in the world to acquire nuclear weapons voluntarily agrees to stop trying to produce them, and keeps its promise in all details, without a shot being fired.

Ten U.S. sailors caught in Iranian waters are released with their boats, within hours of being detained- a detention which was entirely legal.

Four Americans held in Iran are released, in exchange for a number of Iranians who had violated the sanctions, which is a relatively moot point considering that the sanctions ended yesterday.

When Republicans are in charge:

No nuclear agreement with Iran, and a mindless march toward inevitable war, with a country many times stronger than Iraq.

The ten sailors caught in an escalating round of threats and possible real violence, which could also give Republicans an excuse to go to war for something which Obama accomplished peacefully in one day.

Four Americans still in prison in Iran, and we have the rather pathetic pleasure of prosecuting seven Iranians for something which, with Democrats in charge, is no longer even against the law.

A few reactions from the right?

"'We Are Devastated': One American Prisoner May Still Be Languishing In Iran"

"America Paid a Big Price' with Iran Swap...Rep. Sherman says there's "an inspired network now" for procurement and terrorism after seven freed by Tehran's request."

"Obama administration repeals sanctions as House Intelligence chairman warns more Iran aggression coming."

Needless to say, there are plenty more.  In response to the Iranian releases of Americans, Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee were quick to offer praise to the one responsible for this diplomatic masterstroke- God; and Trump credited an even higher authority- himself.  Yes, it was Trump's tough talk that scared the Iranians into what they did.

We have now had two totally unexpected and highly positive results from the Iran nuclear deal, and a perfect demonstration of what happens when reason and decency replace mindless warmongering as foreign policy.  But the Republicans will still find it more advantageous to spend billions convincing the American people otherwise, than to simply recognize the truth.

Is there a rational person who believes that, if we deliver the White House to Donald Trump or Ted Cruz, we will escape being involved in a disastrous war, ending in a humiliating defeat for our country?  And yet half of the American people seem to believe that this is a very desirable outcome.


Jerry Critter said…
These are perfect examples of why we need democrsts in charge of foreign relations. Republicans like war. Democrats like diplomacy. Look at the last 15 to 20'years. Diplomacy works. War does not.
Zog said…
"When Republicans are in charge:

No nuclear agreement with Iran, and a mindless march toward inevitable war, with a country many times stronger than Iraq."

Not always true! When Reagan was in office, he didn't lead us into war with Iran. He sold them weapons under the table instead, then funneled the money to an international terrorist group in Central America.

But, as the GOP assured us then, it was all for the best, because Nicaragua is now incapable of conquering the United States. For some reason, I just don't remember them talking about this great success recently.
Jerry Critter said…
The republicans of today would not consider Reagan one of them. He now only exists as a mythological God.
Anonymous said…
The Democrats were in charge of WW I and WW II and most of the Cold War. For Republicans to say the Democrats cannot keep America safe, or successfully prosecute a war, is just more BS from Republicans.

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