Simple Facts That Are Still Too Complicated For Democrats

Daily Kos Edition:

"I don't know what it means, but Obama's job approval numbers are jumping...What could be driving the president’s numbers upward?  Ultimately, I have no idea. Feel free to offer to your own."

Okay, I will.  It's really pretty simple after all.  The Republcans have spent the last eight years and God only knows how many billion dollars on a campaign of smears, lies and outright sabotage directed solely at Obama.  Now, they have a new target, and the short-memoried, ignorant voters are already beginning to forget the endless attacks, as the Republican destruction machine focuses on Hillary.

That's it.  Do you have one shred of doubt that this is the explanation of this phenomenon?  How can seemingly intelligent people be so clueless?


Magpie said…
So the Sharia law takeover and FEMA concentration camps didn't happen after all - gee what a surprise, he must have changed his mind.
Jerry Critter said…
I'm surprised that republicans are not counting the prevention of the Sharia law takeover and the FEMA concentration camps as some of their successes over the last seven years.
Kevin Robbins said…
They did, Magpie. It's just that the liberal media covers it up.
Poll P. said…
The minute you said it, I thought "Yes!"
Anonymous said…
Obama always had the liberal media who always protected him. They didn't care about the "immigrant"children who were escaping violence in their countries.Winds up many were forced into child labor here and the silence is deafening only to protect Obama
Unknown said…
No doubt he sent a secret message to Amon Bundy who turned all 10 of his followers into Obama supporters.

Hey, here's a thought - he's doing a decent job and the numbers show it.

It always amazes me how, when a liberal receives kudos; it's either a massive conspiracy or a huge mistake.

And, when the conservatives receive bad poll results; it's still a massive conspiracy or a huge mistake.
Anonymous said…
The South was right!

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