When does the monstrosity end?

When does the idiocy of the American people stop?  When does the traitorous perfidy of the mainstream press lead us to destroy it?

What is it this time, Green Eagle?

Today, the Republicans in the House of Representatives are about to introduce a bill with the (as usual) disingenuous title " The Fairness in Class Action Litigation Act."

Fair for whom, you may well ask?  The immediate effect of this miserable piece of legislation, assuming that Barack Obama is vicious and corrupt enough not to veto it (he's not, of course, but the next Republican we elect will be,) will be to prevent the over 500,000 owners of Volkswagen diesel cars, who have been swindled by the company into buying almost worthless vehicles, from filing a class action suit against the company to recover their losses.  This would mean that every one of them would have to file a suit on their own, to get back the money stolen from them by this German manuracturer, an obviously impossible task.

In taking this action, the Republicans in Congress have decided to side with a closely held foreign corporation, against the American people.  How can anyone, after things like this (and of course there are so many others, just as sick) have even a shred of belief in the Republican party as anything but a knife stuck in the back of our country?  How can the press not treat this sabotage as the story it is: by far the greatest threat to our continued existence that we face today  And how can a single American be stupid enough to cast their vote for them?

And yet there are tens of millions of voters out there, who have apparently decided that their hatred, their lust for violence, and their overwhelming greed, are more important than their own survival.  If they are not in the process of destroying the rest of us along with themselves, I really wouldn't give a damn at this point.  Let them all destroy themselves, and good riddance.  But unfortunately, we will suffer and be eliminated along with them.  And right now, the truly greedy sociopaths, rich people like the Kochs, the Waltons and Sheldon Adelson, and the corporate rapists of Wall Street, seem to be so in control that there is just about nothing we can do about it.

Now, they have found one of their own, an egomaniacal billionaire, to pretend to be on our side, as if any sane person can buy into that malignant tale; and most of the ignorant, stupid Republican base seems to be buying into it.

Note: in fairness, I should reveal that one of my sons owned a VW diesel, which was unregisterable here in California, and would have been a massive loss, if a drunk driver had not run into it at 90 miles an hour on the 405.  Now, we don't know where we stand.  Thank heaven nobody was seriously hurt in the accident, but the car is history. 


Magpie said…
From July: “On Wednesday, Volkswagen confirmed that a German robotics worker died this week after an assembly robot in a VW plant grabbed the man and pressed him against a metal plate, the Associated Press reports. VW spokesperson Heiko Hillwig said the exact cause of the accident is not known, but initial findings suggest human error was to blame.”

Don’t know shit about what happened but DO know the victim is to blame. Gosh, one does hear that an awful lot.

“Last September, the company admitted to installing “cheat” engine management software, also called “defeat devices,” in its 2.0 liter diesel vehicle models.The case is a step down from criminal fraud allegations…”

So you can lie your ass off, about something with mass public health consequences, profit from it, even admit that you did it… and STILL not be criminally guilty of fraud. Meanwhile if you stole some stationary from their office you might go to jail.

“….though the Justice Department is also investigating those, on the basis that the company mislead U.S. consumers and regulators about its cars’ emissions….The bill (the Fuck Your Citizens Over For Bribes Act you are speaking of here) isn’t likely to make it through the Senate… The newly-filed civil complaint against Volkswagen, however, is likely to be won by the Justice Department and the EPA, given that the burden of proof isn’t very high. Luckily, (I don’t know why this sentence begins with ‘luckily’, but it does) Volkswagen set aside a rainy day fund of $7.2 billion last September in case of a lawsuit like this—and will probably eek out of it without a problem”

Rest assured the Republican lackeys and traitors don’t cost $7.2 billion.
Anonymous said…
Add to t6hat, polls tell us Democrats are not motivated to get out and vote this year. Welcome to Trump nation.

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