Trump's Gamble

I see even perceptive people like writers at Daily Kos falling for the press' wishful thinking that Donald Trump's dropping out of today's Republican debate because he was afraid to face that master interviewer, Megan Kelly.  What a pile of nonsense.  Here is what Trump is really up to:  He is making a bet that, without his presence, the voting public is basically going to ignore the other guys.  And it is a very good bet, too.  I've seen a poll indicating that over 80% of watchers of previous Republican debates have no interest in this one if Trump is not there.

Well, what would that show?  It would prove that, basically, no one cares about the Republican pack of losers, except for Trump.  If he wins his bet, it will leave him with a stranglehold on the entire Republican nominating procedure.

I am not even sure what it would take to make him "lose" the bet.  Even if the debate does okay, who thinks it will produce any real gains for the other guys?   And if he wins, he owns the Republican party, for whatever satisfaction that brings him.

This guy would challenge Reagan and W for the title of worst President of all time, but he may be the most manipulative campaigner the country has ever seen.  Shows what you can accomplish when your need for self-gratification is not tempered by a shred of concern for the consequences of your actions.


Anonymous said…
Someone points out how little you know about the process (proven by your question) and you delete (censor) that; certainly you are worse than the people you complain about. You refuse to even learn. What a Troglodyte.
Green Eagle said…
What did I delete, Anonymous? Once again, you are lying, and this is a particularly malignant lie, since there is no way to prove that I didn't alter things. I sometimes edit my posts for typing errors (particularly lately, since (as I have mentioned) I recently had eye surgery, and am still not seeing perfectly, but when I am wrong I admit it.

You, on the other hand, have spent years coming on here and spreading lying Republican propaganda, and you never admit it, no matter what the evidence.

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