Green Eagle Rethinks the Situation in Oregon

I no longer advocate the encasing of the building held by the Bundys in concrete.

I think there is far more fun to be had, just leaving them there until they figure out what total jackasses have made out of themselves, and try to slink away home.

Then, convict them of one of the many felonies they have committed, which will prevent them from ever again legally owning a gun.

That should be a pleasant spectacle.


Jerry Critter said…
Love the idea of convicting them of felonies so that they cannot legally own firearms. What better justice than to take away their 2nd amendment rights.
Anonymous said…
yeah we prefer people who protest by burning down cities and disrupting people while they are at brunch or blocking them from entering shopping malls. Or illegally occupying Wall Street without permits. All those are legitimate gripes right?
Tough they were not armed would like to see what would have happened if somebody tried to stop them.
Maybe you are just ignorant of what the Gov't is doing over there. They are pushing them into a corner after being good stewards of that land. It's even a popular layover for migratory birds
Anonymous said…
As long as they also spend time (years) in jail.
Magpie said…
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Anonymous said…
Racism in the police and justice system? When blacks took over a city street to protest the murder of an unarmed black man, the police brought out their tanks and other tools of over kill. These white guys are allowed to just stay and get all the media they want. No force to make them leave, or arrest them. The blacks didn't bring their guns, but the white guys did. I would advise the blacks bring their guns next time, then watch the massacre.
Anonymous said…
the black guys were destroying and burning things.They were out of control. They weren't protesting,they were rioting.. Those white guys always carry to protect the land that they oversee.

Still would you have felt safer walking those streets in Baltimore or Ferguson during the riots or walking near those ranchers?

No brainer

Green Eagle said…
iI am not interested in where an ignorant cracker like you "feels safer." These white idiots are threatening to kill government employees, not acting out of a lifetime of rage at being abused and murdered by white cops who are let off scot free.

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