Thursday, December 31, 2015

Wingnut Wrapup

Well, let's just finish off the year in right wing lunacy, to clear the decks for 2016- which, like global temperatures, promises to set a new record in contentious, ridiculous lies.

Today's Wingnut Wrapup of course dedicated to World Net Daily's man of the year:

I mean, who else could it be?

Matt Barber, Town Hall:  "The Gift of Religious Freedom...Last Tuesday, Kentuckys new governor, Matt Bevin, issued an executive order that eliminates the names of all county clerks from marriage licenses and protects the unalienable constitutional rights and religious freedoms of Kim Davis and all other clerks in Kentucky."

Leaving aside that the above is complete bullshit, this and so many other right wing articles forgot to mention that he took the vote away from 140,000 mostly Democratic voters, and lowered the minimum wage.

Just for reference about those 140,000 voters, Bevin won the Governor's race by 85,000 votes.

Cortney O'Brien, Town Hall:  "Cruz Tells State Dept to Close the PLO Office in DC, They Reject"

Ted, and here I thought you were a lawyer.  You never heard, I guess, that Senators can't "tell" the State Department to do anything.  You'll just have to wait until you are President to do that, if it turns out that our country really is living under a curse.  'Till then, why not try asking nicely?

No, not bloody likely, I guess.  We are talking Ted Cruz here.

AP News:  "The Latest: Obama returns home after round of golf"

What a miserable, worthless bum, playing golf on his vacation.  How dare he?  And now, more golf:

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Deadly Tornadoes, Storms and Flooding Kill 24 But Can’t Keep Obama Off the Golf Course"

Of course, Obama was about four thousand miles away at the time, so he probably barely felt the tornadoes.  Still, why was he not in sackcloth and ashes because something bad happened.  No mention of the time that George W. Bush went to a birthday party during Hurricane Katrina, of course.

Streiff, Red State:  "Hillary Clinton is trying to grift her way into the White House because of her genitalia."

Yup, they certainly are going that low.  I guess it is her genitalia that make her such a superior candidate to the collection of miserable racist boors the Republicans have dug up to run.

Streiff, Red State:  "One of the negatives that has been hung on Ted Cruz is that he is too abrasive to win. "

No, it's that he is an obnoxious, lying, megalomaniac jerk, and clinically mentally ill to boot.  That's the negative on Ted Cruz.  The positive?  He can hate with the best of them.  That balances out the rest, to Republicans.  In case you haven't noticed.

Susan Goldberg, PJ Media:  "Taylor Swift's Girl Squad Feasts on Men for Survival"

I'm not sure if she meant that literally, but I wouldn't be surprised if she did.  Okay, the issue of their diet never came up again in the article, but I did read a little farther:

"In what universe would Julia Roberts and Joan Baez hang out with Taylor Swift? "

Well, Susan, in the universe where successful actors and musicians tend to know each other.  That would be this universe.  In case you really weren't sure.

Aleister, Gateway Pundit:  "UH-OH HILLARY: Democrat Jim Webb Eyeing 2016 Run As An Independent?"

Oh my God!  There go, what, five votes?  I guess it's panic time.

Michael Bresciani, Renew America:  "Ted Cruz: A Founding Father returned?  Ted Cruz comes to us today in the purpose and mission as one of our founding fathers. He is a bit of Washington, Lincoln and Madison all rolled together, and perhaps a bit of Reagan"

What a firm grasp on the founding of our country this guy has, right?  I mean, who even knew Reagan was one of the founding fathers?

Washibngton Examiner:  "Obamacare repeal to hit president's desk soon"

It will hit Obama's wastebasket immediately after that.

And now a couple of titles of articles posted one after other at American Thinker:

"Iraqi army on the verge of big victory in Ramadi"

"Obama's former intel chief: The president's strategy us 'not working'

Even if things are working, don't you dare give credit to Obama for making progress without having a war and spending three trillion dollars in the process.  That would just be un-American.

Michael Patrick Leahy, Breitbart:  "A Century Before Donald Trump, Churchill Warned ‘No Stronger Retrograde Force Exists in the World’ Than Islam"

Yeah, and Churchill was a life long right winger who was virtually personally responsible for the problems in the Middle East today, when he was administrator of the British mandate after World War I.  Not the best guy to have on your side, really.

And now a high point in denialist economics:

Christina Rousselle, Town Hall:  "Shocker: Raising the Minimum Wage Doesn't Help Fight Poverty"

It will, I am sure, surprise you not in the least to discover that there is not one scrap of statistical evidence to support this conclusion in the article.  Christina bases her "reasoning" on the theory that, since many poor people do not have jobs at all, raising the minimum wage doesn't help them.  No comment on the tens of millions of people who do make the minimum wage, or what effect a raise might have for them.

Victor Davis Hansen, Town Hall:  "California Is Leading From Behind"

In front, behind, despite their supposedly horrible business climate and tax rate, California is still leading, Victor.  Deal with that.

Justin Holcomb, Town Hall:  "John Wayne's Daughter Endorses Trump"

Man, that is impressive.  An endorsement for a warmongering draft dodger from the daughter of another warmongering draft dodger.

Michael Van Der Galien, PJ Media:  "Major Australian Church to Palestinian Activists: No, Jesus Was Not a Palestinian"

Oh, those deluded Palestinians.  Everybody knows Jesus was a white guy.

And let us give the appropriate amount of attention to Larry Klayman's nomination for Muslim of the Year:

I mean, who else would he pick?

Breitbart News:  "Do Not Disturb: Obama Enjoys Luau as Floods Devastate Midwest"

Now, no longer is he not allowed to play golf when anything is happening anywhere in the world, he isn't even allowed to eat when it's raining.  Back in 1927, when the Mississippi flooded, they just forced all the black males they could find, to work building the levees by hand.  Why are we not treating Obama the same way, that is what I was wondering.  Drag him out of Hawaii and send him to a labor camp, where he can finally put in an honest day's work, hauling sandbags.

And that's that for this year.  Happy New Year abd see you in 2016.


Infidel753 said...

He is a bit of Washington, Lincoln and Madison all rolled together, and perhaps a bit of Reagan

Interesting to consider exactly which bits of all those people one would combine together to form a Ted Cruz.

Magpie said...

"Major Australian Church to Palestinian Activists: No, Jesus Was Not a Palestinian"

I actually investigated this – which church, what they actually said in response to what someone else actually said... etc etc...found PJ media’s misrepresentations, was going to write it all here but - you know what? - I’d actually be sucked into an argument over the tribal identity of some heavily mythologised dude who was alleged to have lived about 2000 years ago. That's mental.

"Taylor Swift's Girl Squad Feasts on Men for Survival"

The zombie apocalypse is sounding better all the time.

Anonymous said...

You made the loony left wrap up of the right wing blogs, congratulations.