What the Hell is the Matter With This Country?

In an annual Gallup poll, the American people ranked Donald Trump tied with Pope Francis, for their second most admired person in the world.

What in the name of all that is holy could lead people to do that?  I could speculate, but I can't bring myself to bother.

On the plus side, the two people that the mainstream press and the Republicans assure us are the most hated man and woman in the country, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, are actually the most admired.  Hillary, incidentally, has won this award 20 times.

So, when you are told over and over again that Hillary can't win because so many people hate her, well, just chalk it up as one more gigantic Republican lie.


Mister Sterling said…
It's money. Americans are socialized to admire wealthy people.
Jerry Critter said…
What a pair, Trump and the Pope!
Anonymous said…
"What the Hell is the Matter With This Country?"

I use to say that almost everyday between 1966 and 1974.

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