Seven Hundred Billion Dollars

That's the extortion that we had to pay to the 200 hyper-rich families who control this country, in order for them to allow our government to keep on operating.

That's it- I've got nothing more to say about it.


Magpie said…
"all sides claimed victory" is what I'm reading.

I really don't like the sound of that.
Democrats claim victory when standing naked in a forest and Republicans whine when they only get 99 percent of everything they wanted.

Jerry Critter said…
That's how government works. It is called compromise. You don't get all you want and you get things you don't want.
Green Eagle said…
Compromise. Yeah, but it is a "compromise" between several hundred million people, and two hundred rich families. Sorry, Jerry, to me that's like someone saying, "let's compromise- you give me $100,000 and I'll give you back your daughter."
Jerry Critter said…
Point taken, GE. There are good compromises and bad compromises, but sometimes even a bad compromise is better than no compromise at all. It remains to be seen if this is one of those cases.

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