Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Chicago- The Fix Is In

I've been in a strange period of writer's block, trying to respond appropriately to the Planned Parenthood terrorism that is sweeping this country, as well as the almost ignored story of five white supremacists who took guns to a Black Lives Matter demonstration, and found an excuse to fire into the crowd, injuring several people.  In the meantime, I just want to point this out: There is no way that it will be possible to prove that the lunatic policeman who fired sixteen shots into an innocent person was acting "with malice aforethought."  On the other hand, the  guy has unquestionably committed second degree murder.  By only charging him with first degree murder, and not allowing the jury a possibility to find him guilty of second degree murder, the Chicago prosecutors have made it certain that he will be acquitted.

And another day passes in the Greatest Country In The World.


Jerry Critter said...

I was thinking that it will be hard for the procecution to prove premeditation.

Magpie said...

Prosecution would have to prove the cop went there for the express purpose of killing the kid, would they not?

I just read your laws on ‘murder’.

They’re shit.

Not to be superior but just for contrast…

Under our law (varies slightly from state to state) if you take - or fail to take - an action that leads to death…
with intent to kill OR cause grievous bodily harm OR carry out a crime OR even with “reckless indifference to human life”…
In some states it goes down to ‘manslaughter’ if there was provocation - but that’s still jail and a result of the same trial.
Non-parole period if less than a life sentence is longer if the victim is under 18.

Bastard shot the kid 16 times. Police Standards Commission would absolutely say there is a case to answer, and ‘reckless’ at the very least in beyond dispute.
Murder. Guilty. Done. Over. No need to prove he went there for the purpose of the deed.